1. Ramdoss condemns “Kiss of Love”

Ramdoss condemns “Kiss of Love”

PMK leader Ramadoss today condemned the "Kiss of Love" demonstration held at Chennai...

By: | Madurai | Published: November 15, 2014 10:30 PM

PMK leader Ramadoss today condemned the “Kiss of Love” demonstration held at Chennai and said the act is nothing but “perversion” and every one is concerned about future of the Tamil culture by allowing such open demonstration.

In a statement he said the demonstration has shocked many people.

He wondered how a reputed institution allowed this type of demonstration to take place openly.

There was a possibility of the anti-social elements taking advantage of such precendents and women would not be safe if such demonstrations were allowed to take place, he said.

He said tamil community respected and worshipped the woman-hood. Great poets like Maha Kavi Bharathi wanted the women to be in the forefront in all the fields and he never advised that women should be kissed in an open ground.

He said the Tamil Nadu government and police should take steps to stop any act that was against the culture of Tamils.

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