1. PM Narendra Modi disapproves of Subramanian Swamy’s remarks

PM Narendra Modi disapproves of Subramanian Swamy’s remarks

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today disapproved of party MP Subramanian Swamy's attacks on RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan and some top finance ministry officials saying they are "inappropriate".

By: | New Delhi | Published: June 27, 2016 4:23 PM
Calling Raghuram Rajan "no less patriotic", PM Narendra Modi virtually ticked off Subramanian Swamy saying "if anybody considers himself above the system then it is wrong".  (PTI) Calling Raghuram Rajan “no less patriotic”, PM Narendra Modi virtually ticked off Subramanian Swamy saying “if anybody considers himself above the system then it is wrong”. (PTI)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today disapproved of party MP Subramanian Swamy’s attacks on RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan and some top finance ministry officials saying they are “inappropriate”.

Calling Raghuram Rajan “no less patriotic”, PM Narendra Modi virtually ticked off Subramanian Swamy saying “if anybody considers himself above the system then it is wrong”.

The Prime Minister’s comments assume significance in the context of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley and the BJP distancing themselves from Swamy’s recent attacks on Rajan, CEA Arvind Subramananian and Economic Affairs Secretary Shaktikanta Das.

Subramanian Swamy also had made some carping comments about Arun Jaitley without taking his name.

“Whether it is in my party or not, still I think such things are inappropriate. This fondness for publicity is never going to do any good to the nation. People should conduct themselves with utmost responsibility. If anybody considers himself above the system, it is wrong,” the Prime Minister told Times Now.

Without taking the name of Swamy, Modi was asked about the comments of “your Rajya Sabha MP” in the context of Raghuram Rajan and queried whether it was appropriate.

Even after that there have been criticisms made against very senior government officials, the questioner said recalling Modi’s recent counsel to party leaders in Allahabad to maintain balance and restraint in their speech and conduct.

“My message is very clear. I have no confusion about it,” Modi said when he was asked whether his message on the issue is clear.

Modi then went on to praise Rajan, who has said no to a second term in RBI, saying his patriotism was no less and was sure that he would continue to serve India irrespective of whether he was in some position or not.

“My experience with him has been good and I appreciate the work that he has done. He is no less patriotic. He loves India. Wherever he will work, he will work for India and he is patriotic,” he said in an apparent riposte to Swamy’s attack that Rajan not mentally fully Indian.

Referring to apprehensions whether Rajan would be allowed to complete his term, the prime minister said though he was appointed by the previous UPA government, Rajan would be completing his term.

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  1. A
    Jul 8, 2016 at 9:20 am
    Mr Swamy, by quoting a 3rd country economist is doing exactly what he accused R3 and Arvind S of doing. Say what you want on your merit - or get people from DSE/Xaviers etc to echo your view point.
    1. K
      Jul 9, 2016 at 1:22 pm
      I had reiterating again and again from last 4 years, the GDP numbers does not make sense. Last time at Delhi Economic Summit, it was stated that GDP number of India was 8%. I was the first one to say, those numbers were totally wrong and India cannot have these numbers. India cannot the game of maniting the GDP numbers and attract the foreign investments. These investments are at risk, Rajan wasted 3 years of failed service to India. Congress paid the price by loosing the election, and failed to control the Inflation, monetary policies and fiscal policies. Just acquired the Autonomous powers, he was always at the difference with FM Chidambram and Jaitley. He does not let India grow in the direction the ruling party wants to go. He stopped the momentum of Current Administration, he neither controlled inflation nor Black Market, Bad Loans and liquidity of Banks. He never contributed to GDP and growth direction. His first Dollar Swap policy was wrong, I was the first one to say that. He later on changed that policy.When inflation rate in various sectors of economy ranges from 8% to 14% and the The professor is just cutting the interest rate by 25 or 50 basis points, seems like he is reading the book of Green Span. He failed to understand the Indian Economics basic fundamentals and knowledge. Essential commodities prices are un affordable. Fiscal and monetary policies failed to provide the strong direction to the Budget and the economy. He is not managing the US economy, he is managing the Indian economy. These GDP numbers are absolutely wrong. Indian economy cannot have growth rate more than 4.5%. Unemployment is at peak, when more than 50M youth do not have jobs. Housing bubble has already build up, Foreign loans are also at Peak, because of the projects not internally funded but funded from the foreign resources. GDP numbers need to be verified by the Independently. Let us wait and watch, when it gets some serious earthquakes in the economy.
      1. N
        Jul 7, 2016 at 10:57 am
        But the report praises Raghuram Rajan as "Additionally, the monetary stewardship of Raghuram Rajan, the respected governor of the Reserve Bank of India, further boosted investor sentiment," the report said. We should not use the report selectively.
        1. O
          Od sharma
          Jul 8, 2016 at 7:31 am
          Swamy and BJP w team is just sloganeer. There has been cuts in rates,what has happened?No body talks of ponzy companies who have robbed of Poor Investors. There are Lakhs of companies raised money and disappear.Problem is some where else and we are striking other way. The w bureaucracy is inept and sloth.How can a businessman can work/Export is dwindling due to anti business atude. Knows only how to take Bribe. Mr Rajan has been a boon and please respect. why Swamy only criticize,has he given any suggestions? and if so did Mr Rajan refuse to consider?
          1. R
            r sharma
            Jul 7, 2016 at 12:47 pm
            By letting Rupee appreciate against Euro and other currencies and keeping the Rupee-Dollar exchange rate constant, Rajan destro exports single handedly. Keeping interest rates high, he kept domestic savings high, but with no stock market appreciation. These Arm Chair Economists have no understanding of the society and the world. They can solve complex mathematical equations and publish research papers in peer reviewed journals and keep themselves happy. They are dangerous for any society.Rajan's home is Academics and there he can be happy and will not harm any other society. Goodbye Rajan. Never come back.
            1. S
              S K
              Jul 7, 2016 at 11:44 am
              Swamy has lost credibility. There are always views & opinions on either side. using such data for convenience and pority is cheap
              1. Samskar Ebyaha
                Jul 8, 2016 at 8:25 am
                Stop bullting-The government on Thursday night rubbished the Congress accusations of a Rs. 45,000-crore scam in the telecom sector, saying the national auditor’s report on understatement of revenue by six telecom firms pertains to the tenure of the UPA government from 2006-07 to 2009-10 and it has initiated the process of recovering the money from firms like Bharti, Reliance Communications and Vodafone.
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