1. National Bravery Awards 2017: Full list of 18 bravehearts to be awarded by PM Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind

National Bravery Awards 2017: Full list of 18 bravehearts to be awarded by PM Narendra Modi, President Ram Nath Kovind

Eighteen children across the country have been selected to be awarded with the National Bravery Award 2017 for their undoubtedly fearless act of bravery.

By: | Published: January 20, 2018 5:49 PM
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Eighteen children across the country have been selected to be awarded with the National Bravery Award 2017 for their undoubtedly fearless act of bravery. The award would be presented to these children by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the eve of Republic Day while President Ram Nath Kovind will host a reception for them. These awardees would even participate in the Republic Day parade in New Delhi on January 26, 2018. Eight of the 18 awardees, seven girls and eleven boys, belong the northeastern states while three of them are being awarded posthumously. Showering these brave-hearts with praises, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said the entire country was proud to have them. He even went on to say that fearless children like them were an asset to the society, NDTV reported. Let’s have a look at the list of these heroes and their stories:

1. Karanbeer Singh

Karanbeer Singh, 16, who belongs to the Gaguwal village in Amritsar saved the lives of 15 children when their school bus fell into a drain. Karan, who was also in the bus when it fell, hurt himself on the head during the accident yet he showed immense amount of courage, helping the other children out of the bus while it was sinking. Though seven students had lost their lives in the incident, had it not been for Karan, the death toll would have been way higher.

2. Mamata Dalai

Among the eighteen valiant children is six-year-old Mamata Dalai who was taking a bath in a pond with her sister, Asanti, when a crocodile attacked the latter. Instead of freeing herself, Mamata fearlessly saved her sister from the crocodile’s jaws.

3. Nazia

Eighteen-year-old Nazia, who hails from Agra, helped the local police track down an illegal business of gambling and betting in her area. Despite receiving numerous death threats, Nazia went on to fight against her perpetrators and got four of the miscreants arrested.

4. Netravati M Chavan

Karnataka based Netravati lost her life while trying to save two young boys who plunged into a river but started drowning as neither of them could swim. Though she could save just one life, she lost hers while saving the other. Her father, Mahantesh Chavan, would be receiving the award on behalf of her from the Prime Minister.

5. F Lalchhandama

Mizoram boy, Lalchhandama, lost his life while he tried to rescue his friend from a river. Though neither of the boys could be saved but when they found Lalchhandama’s body from the river, his arms were still wrapped around his friend’s corpse.

6. Betshwajohn Lyngdoh Peinlang

Fourteen-year-old Betshwajohn, who belongs to the Khasi Hills in Meghalaya, saved his three-year-old brother from a fire that broke out when both the siblings were in the kitchen of their house.

7. Sebastian Vincent

Kerala-based Sebastian was riding a bicycle when his friend Abhijith fell on a railway track while they were on their way to school. Even though a train was approaching fast towards the duo, Sebastian daringly rescued his friend.

8. Laxmi Yadav

Sixteen-year-old Laxmi fought back a group of three men who drove her to an isolated place and tried to abuse and rape her. Courageous Laxmi fled and immediately rushed to the nearest police station to file an FIR against the culprits.

9. Samridhi Sushil Sharma

Seventeen-year-old Samridhi freed herself from a man who held a knife to her neck after sneaking inside her house. Though she injured herself deeply in the process, yet she fought back courageously trying to chase the attacker away.

10. Zonuntluanga

Mizoram-based Zonuntluanga saved his father who was attacked by a wild bear. His father had gone to the forest when he was attacked by the animal and Zonuntluanga managed to drive the bear away with his tools.

11. Pankaj Semwal

Sixteen-year-old Pankaj Semwal, who belongs to the Tehri Garhwal district in Uttarakhand, saved his mother from the attack of a leopard.

12. Nadaf Ejaj Abdul Rauf

Seventeen-year-old Nadaf, who belongs to Maharashtra, risked his own life while trying to save a group of women from drowning.

13. Mansha N

14. N Shangpon Konyak

15. Yoaknei

16. Chingai Wangsa

17. Loukrakpam Rajeshwori Chanu

18. Pankaj Kumar Mahanta

So far, a total of 680 boys and 283 girls have been awarded with the Bravery Awards. Along with a medal, a certificate and a cash prize, the awardees are also granted financial assistance to complete their education.

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