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China’s doublespeak

By: | Published: December 23, 2014 12:33 AM

China’s doublespeak
This refers to your editorial ‘Less luxe’ (December 17). Xi Jinping’s target must be official corruption in China. Luxury goods are not the right place to hit. Say, a millionaire purchases a Ferrari, would it be wrong? No. Corrupt? No. But, if there is a government official who bullies a contractor into getting him a mobile, even made locally, then that is what is wrong. Mobiles are hardly luxury goods. The paradox of China is that it is expanding state-owned enterprises. This is only meant to increase, not decrease, corruption. We wonder what Xi has in his mind when it comes to making these state-enterprises corruption-free. Xi, if he is really serious about rooting out corruption, must allow China to become a multi-party democracy, with a free judiciary, media, central bank, and statistical office. Dissent must be allowed to be voiced. That is when we can say Xi is serious about tackling corruption. Today, he is just acting smart.

Raghu Sheshadri

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