1. Indian Muslims can lead the way in the times of ISIS: RSS

Indian Muslims can lead the way in the times of ISIS: RSS

Amid growing radicalisation of a sect of Muslims and the rise of ISIS, RSS organ 'Organiser' has said Indian Muslims can lead the way for global peace...

By: | New Delhi | Published: July 26, 2015 3:30 AM

Amid growing radicalisation of a sect of Muslims and the rise of ISIS, RSS organ ‘Organiser’ has said Indian Muslims can lead the way for global peace and prosperity as shown by the community in Maharashtra town by Eid celebrations for Vaishnavite pilgrims.

The editorial in ‘Organiser’ said that despite exceptions of Memons and Dawoods among Indian Muslims, their cultural DNA has not changed even after “conversion” to Islam that respects all ways of worship.

It said that against the backdrop of outrage against global jihad, a group of Muslims in Lonand in Satara District of Maharashtra have shown the “real character” of Indian Muslims by postponing the Eid celebrations and not carrying out animal slaughter out of respect for Vaishnavite pilgrims who were carrying out a yatra.

“Indian Muslims would explain that they have followed their ‘dharma’. After conversion to Islam, the way of worship may have changed, but the cultural DNA, of respecting all ways of worship and believing that those ways lead to the same God, remained the same. Muslims of Lonand showing such gesture was not an aberration,” it said.

“It is the Indian way of respect and acceptance, and not just tolerance, of all ways of worship can pave the way for global peace and prosperity. We can all pray that ‘May Lonand Muslims replace ISIS’ as the inspiration for all and the spirit of dharma prevails over religion,” the editorial said.

The magazine further stated, “They completely shattered the fundamentalist version of Wahabi Islam propagated by the likes of Islamic State and Taliban.”

“There may be some exceptions likes of Menons & Dawoods but they are not the rules,” it further said, adding that many common Indian Muslims face discrimination at the hands of Arabic Muslims when they go for Haj, as all Muslims from not only India but also from Pakistan and Bangladesh are regarded as ‘Hindi Muslims’.

The RSS publication said that “BurnISISFlagChallenge” is trending world over and reached Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir, where till now displaying of Pakistani and ISIS flags and burning of Indian flag by “fringe miscreants” of Kashmir Valley used to be the news.

It said though “secular” rhetoric blames the cultural nationalists for creating communal tensions, the reality is barbarism of the Islamic State and its affiliates are drawing flak all over the world and the growing attraction among the educated Muslim youths from America to Australia for such uncivilised version of Islam is a matter of concern for them.

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  1. Mohammed Nazeem
    Jul 26, 2015 at 7:51 pm
    any idea why they themselves believe in majority vote bank politics. arent these the same people who kill muslims , burn mosques and then say they are not like isis. what the rss does not want the other to know is NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON WAS AGAINST THE BRITISH RAJ. these people who serve in their chaddis and only their useful s ad serve as cannon fodder. while the top echelon like the rajnath singhs, chauhans, modis, jaitleys, sushma swarajs. rajes earn money thru illicit means and have money stashed away abroad. what they have to say is totally insignificant. regardless of congress or bjp indian muslims have become tough, independent , self reliant and should not thank these anti minority govt.
    1. A
      Jul 26, 2015 at 7:28 pm
      Indian Muslims are misguided by the so called secular parties led by Congress. The Indian Muslims must know that they are equal in every respect with Hindus and others and should not believe the vote catching policy of the so called secular parties as these parties have not done anything to change the plight of Indian Muslims.
      1. A
        Arnab CHATTERJEE
        Jul 27, 2015 at 6:48 pm
        Indian Muslims as long as they listen to their clergy who exhorts for Jihad against all Infidels i,e.Kafirs and at the throw of a hat starts Murder and mayhem all over where even if they are in the minority-are all good because Dead Muslims are the only good Muslims available in this world.
        1. S
          Jul 27, 2015 at 1:50 am
          How well said. Only those who hav lost their minds should listen to the politicians
          1. K
            Jul 27, 2015 at 8:13 pm
            This is only a theory. RSS has practically proved in History its atude towards Muslims. We know what are crocodile tears.
            1. K
              Jul 27, 2015 at 8:15 pm
              This is just a theory. RSS has practically proved its plans towards Muslims. We dont believe in crocodile tears
              1. Mucellman Mucellman
                Jul 26, 2015 at 10:26 pm
                Must read plz n share info Dr. Sunil yadav ke sawaal jo la jawab hai ( jiska koe jawab nahi) ���������������������� Ye aise sawaal hai jo waqaee sochne layak hai. Jaise ki... 1) Sabhi devataon ne Bharat me he janm kyu liya? Kyu kisi bhi devi devata ko Bharat ke bahar koe nahi janta? 2) Jitne bhi devi devataon ki sawariyan hai unme wahi janwar kyu hai jo sirf Bharat me he paye jate hai, aise janwar kyu nahi jo ki sirf kuchi deshon me paye jate hai, jaise ki kangaroo, jiraaf aadi! 3) Sabhi devi devta hamesha raaj gharano me he kyu janm lete the? Kyu kisi bhi devi devta ne kisi gareeb ya shudra ke yaha janm nahi liya? 4) Purani kathaon me sabhi devi devtaon ki dinchariya ka warnan hai, jaise ki kab parvati ne chandan se nahaya, kab Ganesh ke liye laddu banaye, Ganesh ne kaise laddu khaye etc. Lekin jaise he grantho ki script khatam ho gae bhagwano ki dincharya bhi khatam.. to kya baad me sabhi devi devtaon ka dihant ho a??? Ab woh kaha hai? Unki Aulad kaha hai? 5) Grantho ke annusaar purane samay me sabhi devi devataon ka prithvi par aana jana laga Rehta tha . Jaise ki kisi ko vardan dena ya kisi paapi ka sarvanash kerne... Lekin ab aisa kya hua jo devi devtaon ne prithvi par anna band he ker diya? 6) Jab bhi koe papi paap failata to uska Nash kerne ke liye khud bhagwan kisi raja ke yaha janm lete the phir 30-35yrs ki umr tak jawan hone ke baad woh papi ka Nash kerte the, aisa kyu? Papi ka Nash jab bhagwan khud he ker rahe hai to 30-35yrs tak ka itna zaida waqth kyu? Bhagwan seedhe kuch kyu nahi kerte the ? Jis prakaar unhone apne khud ke he bhagton ka Utarakhand me naash kiya? 7) Ager Hindu dharm kae hazaar saal purana hai, to phir Bharat ke bahar iska prachar-prasaar kyu nahi hua? Aur ek Bharat se bahar ke dharm "Islam /Eesae" ko itni manyata kaise hasil hue? Woh aap ke apne purane Hindu dharm se zaida famous kaise ban a? KYU Hindu devi devata unhe nahi rok rahe? 8)Ager Hindu dharm ke annusaar ek jiwit Patni ke rehte , dusara viwah mana hai to phir Ram ke pita Dashrat ne 4 viwah kis neeti aaar kiye the? Ager Shiv ke putra Ganesh ki gardan Shiv ne kaat di, to phir ye kaisa bhagwan hai? Jo us kati gardan ko ussi jagah par kyu nahi jodh saka? Kyu ek peer-paraadh janwar ( hathi ) ki hatya ker ke uski gardan Ganesh ke dhadh pe lagae? Ek insaan ke bache ke dhadh pe hathi ki gardan kaise fit ho gae? 10) Ager Hindu dharm me masahaar ( non veg) prohibited hai to phir Ram swarnmugh (deer ) ko marne kyu e the? Kya mugh hatya jeev hatya nahi hai? 11) Ram ager bhagwan hai , to phir usko ye kyu nahi pata tha ki Rawan ki naabi me amrit hai? Ager usko ghar ka bhedi na batata ke Rawan ki nabi me amrit hai , to us yudh me Rawan kabhi nahi mara jata. Kya Bhagwan aisa hota hai? 12) Tum kehte ho ki krishna tumhare bhagwan hai, to kya nahati hue bagair kapdon ki gopiyon ko chupker dekhne wala viyakti, Bhagwan ho sakta hai? Ager aisa kaam koe viyakti aaj ke daur me kare yo hum usse Chichora - Nalayak ya lose character (RAJU ) kehte hai. To Aap Krishna ko bhagwan kyu kehte ho? 14) Shiv ke lingh (pe&nis) ki puja kyu kerte hai? Kya unke sharir me koe aur cheez puja ke kabil nahi? 15) Khajurav ke mandir me Se&xual pictures hai phir aise sthan ko mandir kyu kaha jata hai? Kya se&xuality Hindu dharm ke aar pujaniye hai kya? Sawal to aur bhi bohot hai lekin pehle inke jawab Mil jaye bus .
                1. R
                  Jul 26, 2015 at 6:11 am
                  All human beings are basically good. But these so called outfits including the R.S.S are trying and forcing people to join some radical organizations by their incongruous statements and actions.
                  1. Bharatiya Jairaj
                    Jul 27, 2015 at 10:41 am
                    1. Z
                      Jul 27, 2015 at 2:18 pm
                      Well said..
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