1. India welcomes New Year with pomp, gaiety

India welcomes New Year with pomp, gaiety

Welcome 2016! People ushered in the New Year with pomp and gaiety across India...

By: | Published: January 1, 2016 6:42 PM

Welcome 2016! People ushered in the New Year with pomp and gaiety across the country.

People gathered in huge numbers at clubs and pubs across Lucknow city in India’s northern state of Uttar Pradesh on Thursday night (December 31) to celebrate the New Year.

“It’s very awesome. We are enjoying and the music is really good. It is fun to be here. We are having a great time,” said an unidentified party enthusiast.

In Kochi, people from different age groups were seen enjoying. People danced and had fun to welcome the New Year. Some pubs offered lime water instead of alcohol.

“New Year is the biggest celebration which we are having. We know that Cochin carnival is happening that is full of liquor. So, we want to show that celebration and fun is possible. You can celebrate and dance; everything is possible but there is no need to link it with alcohol or drug,” said a bartender.

In Mumbai, the showbiz capital of India, residents were found hanging around the Marine Drive, a popular spot in the city, and The Gateway of India, a memorial, early morning of the New Year 2016.

“We are feeling quite good. Like my wife said, we have come here for the first time in the morning. We didn’t go out anywhere during the night, so we were hopeful that we would begin 2016 with the sunrise. We have come from Bandra which is far away from here. We are quite lucky that we saw the sunrise now,” said a resident.

In north Indian city of Varanasi, people worshipped Hindu gods and goddesses as part of the celebrations of the New Year. They performed rituals in order to stay safe and happy throughout the year.

“Through this yagya, where we have worshipped lords and performed rites, we have prayed to god that in his norms and rules through which the entire world is working, should be only for the betterment of lives,” said a lady worshipper.

Various cities across India geared up to host thousands of tourists who thronged for New Year celebrations. (ANI)

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