1. Why India-China Doklam standoff has a bright side too: Chinese media explains

Why India-China Doklam standoff has a bright side too: Chinese media explains

Even as Indian and Chinese soldiers are involved in one of the longest in the Sikkim sector, an article in the Chinese state media today said that there is a "bright side" of the stand-off too.

By: | New Delhi | Updated: July 24, 2017 11:37 AM
india china standoff, india china standoff bright side, doklam standoff, sikkim standoff, bright side of india china standoff, 1962 war, lessons from 1962 Indian and Chinese soldiers are in a standoff since June in Doklam regions. (PTI file)

Even as Indian and Chinese soldiers are involved in one of the longest standoff in the Doklam area of Sikkim sector, an article in the Chinese state media, Global Times, today said there is a “bright side” of the standoff too. The fresh and balanced opinion comes after a series of articles published in the Chinese daily in recent weeks threatened India of war if the Indian soldiers didn’t withdraw unconditionally.

The standoff in the Doklam region, which is at the tri-junction of India, China and Bhutan, started in June after the Chinese soldiers started building a road in the region, violating a 2012 agreement that the three sides (India, China and Bhutan) would first negotiate on any matter related to the region concerning the three nations. China sought to change the status quo by unilaterally taking up the road construction task but it received a surprise response from India, which is still interested in a peaceful resolution of the dispute. India’s response apparently rattled Chinese diplomats and media as they resorted to war mongering.

However, a new article published in the Global Times on Monday noted the “bright side” of the standoff. It says the two governments have started to know each other. “If one insists the other is a strategic menace, it will lead to a self-fulfilling of prophecy and eventually confrontation. But there is also a silver lining if the two sides can dispel their misunderstandings through communication and take measures to enhance official and people-to-people exchanges, so as to improve bilateral ties.”

The article, however, noted that a “war” between the two sides is not “completely impossible”. However, both sides would stand to lose if they go to war. “India will have its economic momentum disrupted and lose its opportunities to rise,” it says. In the case of China, it notes that the 1962 war “left Indians hostile toward China for decades. A larger war today may give rise to strong animosity between the two sides for centuries.”

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  1. M
    M G
    Jul 25, 2017 at 12:54 am
    India should immediately take the lead to to show and shame China the same way they have done to Pakistan (as the capital of terror) throughout the world. It should show the world for what China really is: an autocratic, dictatorial, despotic, corrupt, communist land grabbing two bit, terrorist regime. It should immediate call for an international meeting of all those nations whose territories and lands China has grabbed. They should JOINTLY protest and publish a paper to condemn world wise these y incursions throughout their borders. India should contact Bhutan, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Laos, The Central Asian Republics, Japan, Taiwan and then jointly publish a condemnation protest and submit the same to the UN and other world bodies. This is the only way to show and teach them to show what a cheap bully and hooligan they are.
    1. Avtar Singh Khandpur
      Jul 24, 2017 at 8:51 pm
      I am visualising a scenario where India is attacked on two fronts one from pakistan and second from China. China is not only safe on its eastren side but may get moral as well as arms support from Russia. Though India,s miltary power has deffinately taken a quantum jump but China is preparing for a war with supper power like USA. therfore its preparation for eventuality of war with India must be superior. The wisdom of War games tell us that retreating to a position to make a better planning and attack at the oppertunate moment.China has the past memories of defeating India when it was not prepaired for war at the time when Nehru and Chou en lai gave slogan of Hindi -Cheeni Bhai Bhai and stabbed India in the back by attacking unwexpectdly. The present position as that India learned from its past mistakes and is prepared for the eventuallity of War if attacked .
      1. N
        Jul 24, 2017 at 1:03 pm
        bullying doesn't work with your own people or other nations!
        1. Kushal Kumar
          Jul 24, 2017 at 12:34 pm
          This Vedic astrology writer's alerts for more care and appropriate strategy for India during year 2017 in article " 2017 - an opportune year for India with major worrisome concerns in February-March and August-September" were issued widely to Indian news media last year in October - November 2016. While covering August -September or near about in year 2017 for India , the alert prediction reads like this : " AUGUST-SEPTEMBER OR NEAR ABOUT LOOKS TO BE PRESENTING WAR OR BIG TERROR , COULD ALSO BE THROUGH SEA". The place of India was indicated to be northern part like Leh Ladakh, which has come out to be somewhat indicative. This was with specific context of India only. Similar major worrisome concerns in the global context were expressed in this writer's article of 16 May 2017 - " Is World War III round the corner ?" - published in the Summer (June) 2017 issue of The Astrologer's Notebook , a quarterly print Newsletter from North Port , Florida.

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