1. In heartwarming act, UP policeman saves man hit by Fortuner SUV, even pays hospital bills from own pocket

In heartwarming act, UP policeman saves man hit by Fortuner SUV, even pays hospital bills from own pocket

Dushyant Rana, an Uttar Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector, paid commutation plus hospital bills of an road-accident victim in order to save his life.

By: | New Delhi | Updated: July 24, 2017 8:50 PM


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While all of us come across a lot of negative news about behaviour and conduct of the police force, an incident which occured late Sunday night left many Ghaziabad residents amazed and astonished. An Uttar Pradesh Police Sub-Inspector, posted in Ghaziabad district, did not just save a person’s life, he even ended up paying his hospital bills. Sub-Inspector Dushyant Rana, In-charge, Shripra Sun City Police Station, turned saviour for a man who was hit by a speeding Fortuner SUV on National Highway 24. The cop named Rana stopped a passing auto and requested help. As the Auto Rickshaw driver hesitated, he paid him Rs 300 in advance to take the victim to the hospital. The quick and calm response from Rana left witnesses startled. “All policemen should act like this,” said one passerby.

“Ye aadmi ek no hai, aakal koi policewala jeb se paise nahi deta, (This person is no. 1, no policeman pays money these days from pocket),” said another. Thanks to the quick act, one person’s life, out of two hit by car, was saved. The victims were first brought to Noida’s SGM Hospital which reportedly denied treatment.

Raju Kumar, 21, who works as a security guard.

The policeman then rushed to Shanti Gopal Hospital in Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram, where one person was declared dead, while other was treated and was discharged after the incident. Later, Rana even paid the hospital bills of the Raju Kumar, 21, who works as a security guard. The police is probing the matter and trying to catch the car which had hit the victim. When contacted, Rana told FE.com that the Raju, 21, is out of danger, while the other person was declared brought dead. About his conduct, the cop says that humanity should always come first. “Humanity is the biggest deed, I would not like to mention how much I paid for the them (victims), but everyone must realise that emergency could occur with anyone, anytime. We should always extend our hands for help when needed.”


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  1. S
    Jul 25, 2017 at 5:53 pm
    Happy to hear such good news, there are Few Good Men!!
    1. M
      Jul 25, 2017 at 12:10 pm
      Very good example set by this policeman, salute to his act, India need this kind of gesture at ude to its citizens, humanity is dying these days. Everyone is running behind his self goal, no one care to others. We do not see towards the people of west despite high status they use to help the victims

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