1. Data protection to get Aadhaar type law: What Narendra Modi government is targetting

Data protection to get Aadhaar type law: What Narendra Modi government is targetting

Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday said that the government will come up with a strong data protection law which will set a global benchmark.

By: | New Delhi | Published: September 10, 2017 1:00 PM
Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday said that the government will come up with a strong data protection law which will set a global benchmark. (PTI)

Law and IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Saturday said that the government will come up with a strong data protection law which will set a global benchmark. He was speaking at a session organised by Biju Janata Dal MP Baijayant Panda on privacy and data protection said,”We will come up with data protection law that will set a global benchmark like the way we have done for Aadhaar.”

Here are things to know:

1) A committee has been formed to give a proper report on data utility, and data availability. As per PTI report, Prasad said,”That committee is to give a report in coming three months. I want to assure you that we respect data sovereignty of Indians but we also appeal to Indians that your data must be made available also for legitimate concerns, legitimate interest and for development of India.”

2) Prasad said that India’s digital economy will be $1 trillion and in the next 5-7 years as per the stakeholders of economy, it will become $2 trillion.”The projection is 50-75 lakh jobs will be created only in digital economy in coming 5-7 years apart from giving taxes,” Prasad said, as per PTI report. The report added the IT minister as saying, digital transactions increased from 3,700 per day in November 2016 to 54 lakh per day in 2017.

3) Prasad said that “The reason why I very briefly gave the(information on) whole digital ecosystem is how should we go forward? Should we go forward in the name of privacy to kill it? Should we stop it or should we not stop it? That is indeed a challenge.”

4) He said the information technology revolution is also to be respected, accelerated and in this larger framework issue of privacy has to be considered. “In a strict sense, in a conservative sense…since I am also law minister and the matter is pending (before court), I will be guarded in my comment but in a strict sense what you do in your house is your privacy,” Prasad said.

5) Ravi Shankar Prasad also said that the Supreme Court’s judgement Right to privacy is not an absolute right, PTI reported. He said,”On behalf of the government we also said it (privacy) is not an absolute right but part of Article 21.” The IT minister quoted from the apex courts judgement and said that, Like the right to life and liberty, privacy is not absolute. The limitations which operate on the right to life and personal liberty would operate on the right to privacy.

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  1. R
    Oct 11, 2017 at 5:33 pm
    A centralized and inter-linked biometric database like Aadhaar will lead to profiling and self-censorship, endangering freedom. Personal data gathered under the Aadhaar program is prone to misuse and surveillance. Aadhaar project has created a vulnerability to identi-ty fraud, even identi-ty theft. Easy harvesting of biometrics traits and publicly-available Aadhaar numbers increase the risk of impersonation, especially online and banking fraud. Centralized databases can be hacked. Biometrics can be cloned, copied and reused. Thus, BIOMETRICS CAN BE FAKED. High-resolution cameras can capture your fingerprints and iris information from a distance. Every eye hospital will have iris images of its patients. So another person can clone your fingerprints and iris images without your knowledge, and the same can be used for authentication. If the Aadhaar scheme is NOT STOPPED by the Supreme Court, the biometric features of Indians will soon be cloned, misused, and even traded.
    1. R
      Oct 11, 2017 at 5:32 pm
      UK’s Biometric ID Database was dismantled. Why the United Kingdom's biometrics-linked National Identi-ty Card project to create a centralized register of sensitive information about residents similar to Aadhaar was scrapped in 2010?? The reasons were the massive threat posed to the privacy of people, the possibility of a surveillance state, the dangers of maintaining such a huge centralized repository of personal information, and the purposes it could be used for, and the dangers of such a centralized database being hacked. The other reasons were the unreliability of such a large-scale biometric verification processes, and the ethics of using biometric identification.
      1. R
        Oct 11, 2017 at 5:31 pm
        The US Social Security Number (SSN) card has NO BIOMETRIC DETAILS, no photograph, no physical description and no birth date. All it does is confirm that a particular number has been issued to a particular name. Instead, a driving license or state ID card is used as an identification for adults. The US government DOES NOT collect the biometric details of its own citizens for the purpose of issuing Social Security Number. The US collects the fingerprints of only those citizens who are involved in any criminal activity (it has nothing to do with SSN), and the citizens of other countries who come to the US.
        1. #
          Sep 15, 2017 at 5:15 am
          When your bank account gets looted via aadhaar pay, you will call 1947, wait for 3 hours to get connected, the call center folks will simply ask you to visit aadhaar enrollment center, waiting list being 3 months, you will bribe 1000 INR and get an appointment with aadhaar enrollment center to resolve aadhaar misuse, they will ask you to email help at uidai dot gov dot in, you will send 10 emails in 10 days and then get a generic mail, asking you to specify all your details including preferred condom b , etc, you will respond with all details, you will follow up for 3 more days, then you will get a generic FINAL response, "Please lock your bio-metrics in UIDAI , Jai Hind!", after that even if you send 100 emails you will NOT get any response. You lock your bio-metrics, the criminal go to an aadhaar enrollment center and unlock your bio-metrics using stolen fingerprint and keep on looting your hard earned money.
          1. W
            Why Aadhaar Failed
            Sep 11, 2017 at 5:54 am
            When your fingerprint gets stolen, printed and used for aadhaar pay, cloning SIM and changing bank password using OTP, your aadhaar devotion will vanish. Jai Hind. 1. 25 lakh families in Rajasthan are unable to withdraw ration even after seeding #AADHAARFAIL with their ration card. 2. #AADHAAR authentication does not work for half billion Indians. 3. AADHAAR authentication does not work even after updating bio-metrics and waiting for 90 days 4. AADHAAR bio-metrics can be stolen, printed and used for #AADHAAR pay 5. #AADHAAR does not work for NRIs, people outside India 6. AADHAR can not be generated if a person's fingerprint matches with someone else's with 60 percentage probability. 7. Rogue government can deactivate your #AADHAAR blocking ur gas, electricity, mobile, bank account 8. AADHAAR works for millions of illegals staying in India 9. AADHAAR is blocking subsidies for millions of legitimate people 10. Take 10 lakh insurance for each #AADHAAR failure case/delete
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