1. BJP worker arrested in Shaktiman attack, horse’s leg amputated

BJP worker arrested in Shaktiman attack, horse’s leg amputated

A BJP worker was arrested today in connection with the attack on police horse Shaktiman during a protest by the party here even as army doctors decided to amputate the hind leg of the equine, which was still in pain and cannot stand, to save its life.

By: | New Delhi | Published: March 17, 2016 9:38 PM

A BJP worker was arrested today in connection with the attack on police horse Shaktiman during a protest by the party here even as army doctors decided to amputate the hind leg of the equine, which was still in pain and cannot stand, to save its life.

Three days after the attack that sparked outrage, the worker identified as Pramod Bora was arrested from Haldwani in Nainital district for forcefully pulling the bridle of the horse and causing its fall at the protest venue on March 14 and leaving it injured, Dehradun SSP Sadanand Daate told PTI.

Bora was arrested from Mukhani area of Haldwani on a requisition by Dehradun police, Nainital SSP Sweety Agarwal said, adding he has been handed over to a police team from Dehradun and is being taken to the state capital.

On reports that summons were issued to BJP MLA Ganesh Joshi by him in connection with the attack, Uttarakhand DGP B S Sidhu said only the Investigating Officer is competent to issue summons. When queried, Investigating Officer Arun Pandey neither denied nor confirmed issuing summons to the legislator, saying investigations are still on.

The horse in fact fell with its entire weight on its hind quarters under the combined impact of Joshi’s frontal attack with a lathi and Bora pulling up its reins from one side, Daate said.

‘Shaktiman’, a well trained horse which was part of Uttarakhand Mounted Police for years, was allegedly attacked by Joshi, an MLA from Mussoorie, during the march. The animal suffered fractures in one of his hind legs during the protest.

An FIR had been lodged at Nehru Colony police station against Joshi and his associates.

Giving an update on the medical condition of the horse which was operated upon by a team of vets a day after the attack, the DGP said a team of doctors from Pune which examined Shaktiman today are of the opinion that its fractured hind leg will have to be amputated to save its life.

However, it has not yet been decided when the amputation will take place, he said.

Daate said the horse is still in pain and cannot stand. “Army doctors are attending on the horse. We are doing everything we can to help it recover fully from the injuries,” he added. Chief Minister Harish Rawat also expressed concern over the horse’s condition. “We are worried about the horse as it is still in pain and cannot stand on its feet. However, it is being looked after properly. Let people decide who is wrong,” he said. The BJP has been demanding withdrawal of the cases lodged against its workers including Joshi with the Leader of Opposition in the state Assembly Ajay Bhatt asserting that they were being framed at the behest of the state government to cow down the opposition.

However, the Chief Minister has refused to withdraw the cases, saying he does not believe in interfering in police investigations which should be carried out independently.

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  1. S
    Mar 18, 2016 at 6:58 am
    Maneka hi doesn't have anything to say about her party cadre
    1. S
      Mar 25, 2016 at 4:39 pm
      It is now for PETA and the selectively social engineering Supreme Court to ban the use of horses in Police work. A cavalry's uses are three. 1) speed and mobility to get to a vantage point. 2) to intimidate with presence 3) to demolish resistance though the momentum of a charge. It is pretty obvious that horses cannot be used by Police unless they are prepared to charge and endanger the lives and limbs of protesters and mobs. A static (bogged down) cavalry has always been broken and destro by infantry. One clic example, as Brussels and Belgium are in the news, is where Marshal Ney orders a heavy cavalry charge over rain soaked mud up a slope, which broke the horses momentum, against infantry which the Marquis of Wellesley quickly formed into squares on the escarpment of Mont St. Jean. This led to the macre of the French Cavalry, man and horse, losing the Battle of Waterloo and the War for Napoleon, Emperor of Europe. Marshal Ney often reminds me of the Brilliant Indian Generals and Neta-Babus who constructed the Kargil debacle for India. Where was Joshi when Aazam Khan's Police were caning the Shankaracharya and his disciples at Kashi (The Prime Minsiter's consutency) earlier this year? I wish he and Bora had done unto Aazam Khan and Akhilesh Yadav what they are accused of doing to the horse. If Police men and soldiers are paid to die for doing their duty, surely this would apply to Police Horses too? (Inspector Sharma's widow and children were given Four and a half Lakhs as compensation when he was murdered by cattle rustlers for stopping the theft of cows for slaughter by Moslems faollowing the tenets of their faith while the the family of the Man who was lynched at Dadri for stealing the calf of a Non Moslem and slaughtering it for purposes of Islam was given Four and half Crores in compensation plus two flats worth more than that).

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