1. Beef ban: Haryana govt to introduce Bill on banning cow slaughter

Beef ban: Haryana govt to introduce Bill on banning cow slaughter

Haryana Agriculture Minister Om Parkash Dhankar today said that the state is all set to introduce a Bill...

By: | Chandigarh | Published: March 8, 2015 4:50 PM

Haryana Agriculture Minister Om Parkash Dhankar today said that the state is all set to introduce a Bill for “protection and upkeep” of cows in Budget Session of the Assembly beginning tomorrow.

In the proposed ‘Govansh Sanrakashan and Gau Samvardhan (Cow Protection and Cow Conservation and Development) Bill’ efforts will be made to ban cow slaughter and for conservation and better care of indigenous cattle, he said.

“For the scientific test and analysis, government is considering to establish laboratories to differentiate beef from meat of that of other animal species. Test reports of these laboratories will be valid evidence in the court of law,” Dhankar said adding that sale of packaged beef has been banned in the state.

The minister noted that there were some 3,000 cows in the state in 400 cow shelters run by NGOs. Besides, some 1.5 lakh cows roam in fields or streets.

He said that the existing cow sheds will be upgraded and made self-sufficient.

“Special efforts will be taken for availability of Beta — Carotene and A-2 milk protein in the milk of indigenous cows which are beneficial for control of diabetes and cholesterol in human beings and also known for better digestibility.

“The focus will also be on establishing a brand for the milk of indigenous cows and ensuring A-2 milk at remunerative prices,” Dhankar said.

The state will provide financial and technical support to cow welfare organisations like Gaushalas, Gau-Grah, Gau-Abhyaranya, Gau-Sadan, Gokul Gram that are engaged in maintenance and care of sick, injured, stray and uneconomic cows, he said.

“The government will take necessary steps to provide incentives for marketing and processing of milk from indigenous cows,” he added.

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  1. K
    Mar 8, 2015 at 8:43 pm
    God the creator has given humans canines for what? to tear and eat all kinds of flesh. Man has both carnivorous and herbivorous teeth. Its Zoology for the educated, Its religious for the illiterates. Muslims eat only beef, but the poor scheduled caste and scheduled tribes do not leave anything in cattle. They can only afford to eat all internal organs of the cattle which is very affordable by the poor. Cattle are not endangered animals, We must protect Tigers not the cattle. In secular India Muslims do not appose eating pork by Non Muslims. International cows are also holy? then India should fight for cow slaughter all over the world. If only Indian cows are holy, then import unholy cows. Banning food of the poor is this Indian Right to Food Act? Dear Hindu brothers plz support your answers only with Veda & Purana quotes not with your personal and philosophical views.
    1. H
      Hans Raj
      Mar 15, 2015 at 12:15 pm
      I am very much a Hindu,We ,the Hindus,worship cow as mother.What to talk of 10 years' jail for killing a cow,our fanatic leaders go to the extent of suggesting death sentence for this crime.But I am extremely sorry to say that we , the Hindus,are hypocrites to some extent.There are some among us who leave our mother cows as soon as they go out of lactation.They roam on roads,fill their belly with polythene and garbage,cause road accidents some times resulting in deaths.We don't leave our buffaloes on the roads when they stop giving milk.We don't leave our jersey cows on roads when they stop giving milk.Why do we leave our desi cows on roads ?What is the punishment for such cow owners ?I remember a particular case of Tohana,a town in Haryana.A poor tea vendor,Subhash, lost his only son due to such cows roaming on the roads.What was the punishment for such cows or their owners? Nothing .Why don't these law makers adopt such cows and take them home ?

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