1. Bangalore mass molestation: Whose fault was it anyway?

Bangalore mass molestation: Whose fault was it anyway?

The women in Bengaluru are not safe. The women in Delhi are not safe. Nowhere in India, are the women truly safe.

By: | Updated: January 4, 2017 5:34 PM
bangalore mass molestation, bangalore molestation, banaglore, molestation, rape cases, banaglore new year olestation, bangalore, bangalore 1500 cops Rape is bastardised slavery; if the latter could be corrupted anymore that is. (Representative image) (Reuters)

The women in Bengaluru are not safe. The women in Delhi are not safe. Nowhere in India, are the women truly safe. On New Year’s eve in Bengaluru, amongst the protection of 1,500 policemen, women were touched, grabbed, abused without restraint. 1,500 armed policemen were not enough to stop them. Maybe 1,500 more would have done the job. Or maybe, they would have simply stalled the loathsome act for another occasion. The law, even when tightened like a noose around the neck, wouldn’t help. And Abu Azmi or G Parameshwara’s advice to wear Indian clothes would not have helped either. The latter is a tried and tested solution which never works. Its popularity among patriarchs, however, is astounding.

The police have promised to take necessary steps, as they have on numerous occasions. The ministers have spoken, expressed their opinions about why the women got molested. Karnataka’s Home Minister G Parameshwara said, “unfortunately, what is happening is as I said days like new year Brigade Road, Commercial Street, M G Road, a large number of youngsters gather. Youngsters who are almost like Westerners, they try to copy the Westerners not only in the mindset but even the dressing.” Meanwhile, another gem came out of SP’s Abu Azmi, who told CNN, “It was bound to happen. Woman call nudity fashion. They were wearing short dresses….Women must step out with family,” he added. “It won’t be right for my sister or daughter to go out at night without male members of the family.” How convenient. Let us presume to agree with these respected gentlemen and blame it on the victims.

On 31st December 2015, I went out for dinner with a group of friends to Besant Nagar, Chennai. The concerned women were all dressed “decently”, clad in “Indian wear” with male members of the family(sort off), as ‘required’ to stay safe. And yet, once the clock hit midnight, all hell broke loose. Water pouches were thrown and bodies were groped, abuses were thrown at random. By the time we had reached our hostel, we had just lived the most frightening 2 hours of our lives. Women have faced worse. They have been groped, raped and treated like livestock. For such acts are not merely sexual, they provide men with a satisfaction of validating the centuries-old tradition of owning women like livestock.

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This is not about Bangalore or Delhi or burqas or skirts. Rape is about power. The sheer satisfaction of being capable of owning another person’s body without facing much of a consequence is what rape is about. Rape is bastardised slavery; if the latter could be corrupted anymore that is. This is not an issue that can be taken care of by the law. Surely the USA abolished slavery long ago, but last I checked, black people were still getting shot. And when the narrative of #BlackLivesMatter came into light, it was countered with #AllLivesMatter, which remains quite identical to #NotAllMen response to the Bangalore molestation. Law, even if properly implemented with rigorous steps would only treat the symptoms. The cure, however, remains in changing the fundamental understanding of equality, not before the law but in one’s own eyes. And a change in the fundamental understanding can only happen when children are taught the same. It is true that the laws need to be stricter and the implementation even more. But you cannot beat an evolutionary trait out of a person gained through centuries of suppressing women. Although, here is one very simple solution to avoid rapes in the short term: Don’t rape. It is quite easy actually. I am not raping anyone right now.

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  1. P
    Jan 4, 2017 at 1:14 pm
    Protection means you have to give up your independence. You cannot be protected unless you choose to remain under someone. Women are weaker and that is why they need protection. However along with protection they should be ready to submit to give up their so-called independence.
    1. Gopalan Nair
      Jan 5, 2017 at 3:06 am
      Police in our country is fully engaged in protecting the politicians and other vips. They do not have time or mind to look after ordinary folks. So dont expect any help from the police. Ordinary citizens should protect themselves and the women esp. should take care and have some defensive items, like pepper spray or small knives with them always. Dont expect any help from the police since they are more used to protecting the politicians than you and me.
      1. V
        virender sati
        Jan 4, 2017 at 5:23 pm
        What are even expecting .. that they will judge boys .. be it molestation , be it rape or be it anything each time the girls are wrong and when asked about why they are wrong the answer is always" because they were notin a proper traditional dress" .... they are the jerk because of whom we girls of this so called nation is facing problems .... major action should be taKen
        1. K
          khan tahira
          Jan 5, 2017 at 10:57 am
          India is not a safe nation for girls ... I believed bangalore is a safe city but, no , its same as Delhi and any part of India... molestation seems to be a must seen act for boys in India... all I can say is that they are only ruining the retion of the country by simply being unnecessarily dogmatic and brutle to the Indian women..... this is ridiculous and indeed, not acceptable ... Boys should be ashamed of what they are doing , which they so - called 'A LESSON' .... LARKIYOU KI SKIRT CHOTE NAHE HAIN ... TUM LOGO KI SOCH CHOTE HAI... bare in mind!!!!!!! ... no matter what type of cloth girl is wearing , boys wanna teach them a lesson .. how shameful.... just imagine if someone does the same to one of ur loved once , how would u feel?????? I can guarantee u that u would have goosebumps any would desperately would like to suicide... at last, I would like to brief up my statement by saying that , a nation is not given u for free , many soldiers have scarified their lives so that we Indians can live safely... but this type of stereotype thinking of boys is not gonna making any change... India will remain a dreadful country , forever.... change b4 its too late ... ur representing ur nation ,ur religion n practice that people follows in India...

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