1. Arvind Kejriwal kicks off storm, says demonetisation a huge scam

Arvind Kejriwal kicks off storm, says demonetisation a huge scam

In a press conference he alleges that the entire move was a scam by BJP led NDA Government and that some players already had prior knowledge about the move.

By: | New Delhi | Updated: November 12, 2016 11:27 AM
Arvind Kejriwal says in the name of battling corruption, only thing that would occur is a lot of money going to change hands. (ANI) Arvind Kejriwal says in the name of battling corruption, only thing that would occur is a lot of money going to change hands. (ANI)

Delhi Chief Minister and Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal kicked off a storm on Saturday over demonetisation of notes of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000. In a press conference, he alleged that the entire move was a scam by BJP led NDA Government and that some players already had prior knowledge about the move.

Pointing fingers at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he alleged that all his friends who had black money were informed beforehand after which they shifted their money. The Delhi chief minister further said that there had been misreporting on money deposits made in banks. He further said that in previous quarters deposits in banks were negative, but July to September, large amount were deposited in banks and asked to whom does the money belong to.

Arvind Kejriwal also said that in the name of battling corruption, only thing that would occur is a lot of money is going to change hands. The government has said those people who deposit their black money will have to pay tax and pay a penalty of 200 percent. Which holder of black money is going to make such a deposit?, he asked.

Continuing his attack on the intention of the government, the AAP chief claimed the Centre had come out with the move knowing fully well that the ATMs are not configured to dispense the new Rs 2000 notes at present.

Rejecting his allegations, MoS Finance Santosh Kumar Gangwar said that Arvind Kejriwal is only  trying to degrade the initiative taken by the government and asked him to show the proof of his claim.

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  1. C
    Chander Pal
    Nov 12, 2016 at 7:33 am
    Modi's honest government has not left him any argument and hence such ultra negatism. Delhi has committed a ber so this the way to do 'paschatap' to tolerate him.
    1. Abhishek Dewan
      Nov 12, 2016 at 6:12 am
      He's out of shock finally, shock after his cash from of seats in Punjab and Goa became useless. Cry Kejri, coz that's all you can do, like always
      1. S
        Nov 12, 2016 at 6:35 am
        Kejri is doing what he does, so we should not surprise on him. Now most of the parties are confused that what they do now. Neither they can criticize now and nor they can appreciate. Now only the leaders are crying because they did not allow to settle their unaccounted money.
        1. A
          Against Sick
          Nov 12, 2016 at 11:20 am
          Kejriwal is a rotten mango of Indian society. This corrupt and characterless "aaloo" is unfit to be in any civilized society let alone in governance. In this case he's particularly anno because all his ill gotten cash in Punjab and Goa has overnight turned into pieces of paper. Second, his mentor has openly praised Modi for anti-corruption efforts and thus Kejriwal's anti-corruption platform has also slipped from his hand and hence he's using words like scam etc
          1. V
            vijay goyal
            Nov 12, 2016 at 6:17 am
            Kejri has no idea what he should talk? ,his language tells that he is in a state of shock
            1. j
              Nov 12, 2016 at 1:39 pm
              kejariwal is a cronic liar. nobody can match this guy in india,if it is lying.
              1. Krishna Gopal Karmakar
                Nov 12, 2016 at 6:43 am
                Such allegations should be backed up by proper data. If at all what the Joker of a chief Minister is alleging is true, the the computerised records and KYC doents from July onward will easily reveal the truth. Let this be investigated by CBI/RBI/IB as these are serious charges and can be limited to just 6 cities- Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Surat and Bangalore. Persons elected to high Office should learn to behave responsibly or learn to keep their traps shut.
                1. S
                  Sanjiv Kumar
                  Nov 13, 2016 at 5:33 am
                  Small shops have either shut down their business or are running into mive losses. There is an acute shortage of change. ATM's in most cases are non-functional. Since the announcement the w country is moving on credit and trust. The step may have been a bold, much needed one. Maybe it had to be kept a secret, but obviously there had to be mive planning, organising and then monitoring to ensure that there was no chaos. So, we trade illegally to get 4 hundred rupee notes to buy milk, take credit from whoever we can and make half white, half black payment deals. Congratulations, badly designed policy! You have made a corrupt citizen out of countless law abiding people who only wish they were rich enough to horde black money.
                  1. Samir Shah
                    Nov 12, 2016 at 12:17 pm
                    Kejri is a SCAM. He is the result of the biggest ber Delhites have made.I wonder his level of civilization. If this is what is the result of education in high level colleges, I think we need to have a re-look at our educational system.
                    1. M
                      Nov 13, 2016 at 5:55 am
                      I read reports that no central government employee can be investigated regarding the wealth that was aculated ?? So they are exempted ?? What a joke
                      1. N
                        Nimesh Parmar
                        Nov 12, 2016 at 12:15 pm
                        Exactly who kicked what: NaMo kicked a storm or NaMo kicked a lot of butts and the most hurt is whining.
                        1. D
                          Nov 12, 2016 at 12:08 pm
                          Gattar ka pani bhi kejari ke muh me nhi rahega wo khega bhot a hai kejari ka muh.
                          1. S
                            S K
                            Nov 12, 2016 at 2:14 pm
                            He talks with no shred of evidence , always. he has been a big disappointment since the time he started. if he has guts he must dissolve Delhi embly an fight election based on this supposed scam. He will have muck on his face
                            1. Raja Umesh L
                              Nov 12, 2016 at 6:29 am
                              Arvind ji dont forget that you are also a human being, SO i kindly request you to dont fall to such a low. I hope you will understand. Dont think we indians dont understand politics.DONT FALL TO SUCH LOWS.......
                              1. M
                                Nov 12, 2016 at 10:23 am
                                I just wonder is he biological failure in the reproduction process or rotten eggs got fertile.
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