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5 reasons why Samajwadi Party may be heading for a split in Uttar Pradesh

What appears like a war of egos in 'Netaji' Mulayam Singh Yadav''s empire, has got something more to it -- best known to the SP patriarch's family only. We can make wild guesses and we may not even get wrong

By: | Updated: September 16, 2016 12:16 PM
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The ongoing feud in Mulayam Singh Yadav’s political family has reached a point where a happy truce now seems a distant possibility. On Thursday, Shivpal Yadav resigned from his ministerial as well as Samajwadi Party posts. He did this after hinting in the day that all may end well under the leadership of ‘Netaji’ Mulayam. His resignation, however, has not gone well with his supporters in UP as they started protesting today. According to a report by CNN-News18, Shivpal and his supporters now want an equal status in the party for him vis-a-vis Akhilesh. They are also demanding the removal of Mulayam’s another brother — Ramgopal Yadav– from the party.

With Mulayam’s elder son and UP CM Akhilesh Yadav holding the fort strong in Lucknow, it seems highly unlikely that Shivpal will get what he is demanding. Akhilesh may not relent, this time even to the wish of his father. For what appears like a war of egos in Mulayam’s empire, has got something more to it — best known to Mulayam’s family members only. We can make wild guesses and we may not even get wrong.

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For now, it seems the Yadav family war may lead to a split in the party and there are several reasons pointing towards it. Here are the five of them:

1. Akhilesh’s uncompromising stance

Akhilesh Yadav doesn’t seem to be in a mood to relent or compromise. With the rift in the family now public, it would be more difficult for him to run the government if he returns to power once again next year after the Assembly elections.

Akhilesh may also take the decision to go solo in the elections for he has Mulayam’s blood running in his veins. Over the years, the SP patriarch has fought his way to the place he occupies in the Indian politics today. Akhilesh has just started. He can’t take a step back.

2. Mulayam’s days seem to be over

Ever since the feud between Akhilesh and Shivpal became public a few days ago, both the leaders have been trying to convince the public with difficulty that all is well within the party. By claiming their complete faith in SP chief Mulayam’s leadership, they have been hinting that they may reach a truce soon.

However, in the name of ‘Netaji’, they have only escalated the family war to the next level. This clearly shows that the days of UP’s ‘Netaji’ is over. Future of the Samajwadi Party is asserting itself. But two equally ambitious leaders can’t stay in the same party — can they?

3. Adamant Shivpal

Shivpal Yadav is adamant. He has not yet given any signal that he would go for a compromise. By resigning from the post of SP state chief as well as his ministries in the government, he has given enough signals that he won’t relent unless he gets equal status vis-a-vis Akhilesh in the party.

4. SP’s future is Akhilesh, not Shivpal

Akhilesh is the future of Samajwadi Party. Young and politically correct, Akhilesh has built quite a fan base in UP. Working under the shadows of his uncles, Akhilesh had made his way and established his political mettle.
Interestingly, if SP splits, Akhilesh may gain as then he would be in a position to put the blame of crimes in the state on Shivpal, and claim the credit of all development works.

5. The ‘outsider’ in the party

Amidst the ongoing war, Yadav family members have given umpteen number of hints that there are differences over Amar Singh, who was recently inducted in the party at the instance of Shivpal. Akhilesh and his another uncle — Ramgopal — have given signals of action against Amar, Shivpal has tried to defend him.

Outsiders’ interference often split families. SP can not be any different.

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