1. 5 factors that make India most corrupt country in Asia

5 factors that make India most corrupt country in Asia

Even though Moody's upgraded India's credit ratings a couple of days ago, praising the reforms taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi government, India remains the most corrupt country in Asia.

By: | New Delhi | Published: November 19, 2017 1:24 PM
India tops Forbes list of most corrupt countries in Asia India’s bribery rate stands at 69% making it the most corrupt country in Asia. (Source: Reuters)

Even though Moody’s upgraded India’s credit ratings a couple of days ago, praising the reforms taken by Prime Minister Narendra Modi government, India remains the most corrupt country in Asia, according to the latest list by Forbes. The magazine said that most Asian countries have failed to avoid the smear of corruption and its report revealed that more than one in four people have paid a bribe when using a public service in the Asia Pacific region. Interestingly, India not just topped the list but was also ranked above neighbours Pakistan which was placed on number 4.

According to an 18-month survey by Transparency International in March this year, where it talked to more than 20,000 people in 16 countries, regions and territories in Asia Pacific, India’s bribery rate stands at 69 pct. In five of the six public services – schools, hospitals, ID documents, police, and utility services – more than half the respondents have had to pay a bribe. This is the reason why India has topped the list. The report, however, mentioned that the recent steps taken by the Modi government against corruption did have an impact on the citizens as 53 pct of the people think he is going it fairly or very well. These steps by the BJP led NDA government has also given confidence to the people as 63 pct of respondents now believe that ordinary people can make a difference.

India is followed by Vietnam on the number 2 spot with a bribery rate of 65%. Of all 16 countries surveyed, people in Vietnam (and Malaysia) were the most negative about the situation in their country. As per the report, as many as 60 pct of the Vietnamese people believe that their government is doing a poor job of combatting corruption.

On the third spot is Thailand with a bribery rate of 41 pct. The country has struggled with corruption charges at all levels, despite the current ruling military junta tightening the Anti-Corruption Act in 2015. However, people seem optimistic as nearly 72 pct of them think that government is doing a great job fighting against corruption.

On the fourth spot is Pakistan with a bribery rate of 40 pct as three-fourths of respondents perceive most or all of the police to be corrupt. 7 out of 10 people admitted that they had to pay a bribe to the police or the courts. The fifth and the last spot went to Myanmar with a bribery rate of 40 pct. About half of the respondents believe that most or all police are corrupt but at the same time, less than a fourth believe corruption has increased over the last year.

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  1. Ramesh B Bhatia
    Nov 19, 2017 at 2:15 pm
    No country is free from corruption ? First we must know what is the definition of corruption ? What kind of actions or reactions falls under corruptions? If Govt to Govt transactions like military equipment's ?, Share Market trading ? money spent on Religion conversion ? Funding to terrorist? Military nal sold terrorist group? espionage (spy work) , etc corruption where money, favor or is used to do the job ? So what is the corruption rate of countries?
    1. N
      Nov 19, 2017 at 8:57 pm
      So your outright corruption is less bad than other horrible unethical corruption? The concept of morality and ethics is lost on India.. The enabled psyopathic ruling class feels enabled to blame those under them. Until India can hold leaders responsible to a higher standard by removing them and jailing them, nobody should invest there.They are more corrupt than many othe places and they hide behind tradition to keep it that way.
    2. Tulsidas Nathani
      Nov 19, 2017 at 1:35 pm
      Bad governance is unfailing proof of corruption in B.J.P ruled Rajasthan. Moody is not reliable agency.
      1. N
        Nov 19, 2017 at 9:08 pm
        Moody is not reiable? India could not even stand behind its own printed paper currency. The most basic promise to stand behind a national currency was violated. Before blaming Moody or anyone else, take care of your own financial trust foundation. Bribes are exactly how the rest of the world views India. Corrupt and immoral with no concept of justice. Bribes opens the door to horrific human rights violations.

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