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Full Coverage: Thank God it's over

TMC protests rail, metro fare hike

Metro fares go up by 100 to 125% after 12 yrs, come in effect October 18.

  • Column : The times they are a changin’

    The year 2012 was difficult for the global economy in general, and India in particular.
  • Two-step India: GDP slows, FII grows

    Nothing tells India’s gloom, doom and boom (well, relatively speaking) story better than the Sensex.
  • Govt, auditor caught in a CAG fight

    The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India has been an old edifice of the Indian governance system — it performs the crucial task of auditing the money spent by the government on various projects and schemes.
  • Santa Klaus & his PIIGS

    Though the prospects of falling off the fiscal cliff in the US sends chills up everyone’s collective spine, the likelihood of a deepening eurozone crisis seems a lot more probable, though it has to be said eurozone leaders have upped their act over the past six months.
  • Opportunity beckons for new services to be explored

    The year 2012 has been a largely forgettable year for the IT sector.
  • Against All Odds

    As the New Year approaches, the Indian IT industry can look back at the year gone by with pride.
  • BPO industry will grow at a steady pace

    Year 2013 is set to be another ground breaking year for BPO industry in India and globally.
  • Intent to strengthen public sector healthcare is evident

    WilL 2012 be regarded as a turning point in India’s movement for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)? Will 2013 become the launch pad for several new initiatives that will make a major difference to the health of the Indian people?
  • The era of connected devices has begun

    Every once in a while, an innovation emerges that has a profound impact on the way we live—elegantly simple, intuitive and with the power to surprise and delight.
  • Bad luck & trouble for India Inc

    India Inc could be forgiven for wishing that the year 2012 never happened. Policy hurdles, delayed clearances to projects and costly funds were the hallmarks of a year that came to symbolise the term ‘policy paralysis’.
  • Corporate India living on borrowed time

    Corporate India is stressed. Not only are companies highly leveraged — because their revenues and profits are shrinking in a sluggish economy — their ability to service their borrowings is also falling.
  • Eagle eyes: Fostering competition, fair play

    Perfect market is a concept that best serves as a hypothesis. Reality, to be sure, is far apart.
  • March to the past not the way forward

    The policymakers in India talk almost in one voice about the urgent need to further and augment the economic liberalisation process, though their focus seems to be on giving more leeway for financial-sector players than structurally improving the real economy.
  • FE Editorial : 8% growth, 100% effort

    Though the Planning Commission has done well to lower its annual GDP estimates for the 12th Plan to 8% from the 8.2% it was looking at in September and the 9% before that, as PM Manmohan Singh pointed out, even achieving this isn’t going to be that easy.