1. Independence Day: In-principle we have accepted ‘One-rank,One-pension, says PM Narendra Modi

Independence Day: In-principle we have accepted ‘One-rank,One-pension, says PM Narendra Modi

Prime Minister during Independence Day speech: 'One-Rank, One-Pension' is a long-pending issue, discussions are underway and in last stages

By: | Updated: August 15, 2015 10:43 AM

Prime Minister during Independence Day speech: ‘One-Rank, One-Pension’ is a long-pending issue, discussions are underway and in last stages. (Image source: MIB)

In a marathon address to the nation from the ramparts of Red Fort, PM today underlined India’s unity and diversity and said the poison of casteism and communal frenzy have no place in the country.

During the 85-minute address, he talked about the much-anticipated ‘One-Rank, One-Pension’, saying the government has “in-principle accepted” it and he was hopeful of a positive outcome of the ongoing discussions which are in the “last stage”.

Modi, in his second Independence Day address, focussed largely on the issue of corruption and asserted that the steps taken by his government over the last 15 months to deal with the “termite” had started yielding results.

Responding to opposition criticism that nothing is happening on the problem of black money, he said “some people love to spread pessimism” as he informed that about Rs 6500 cr of undeclared money has been disclosed during the compliance window provided by the government.

Highlights of Modi’s speech:

* PM says the need for interview for small jobs should be ended immediately; says corruption takes place because of interviews.

* About Rs 6500 cr of undeclared money has been disclosed during the black money compliance window

* In-principle this govt has accepted ‘One-rank,One-pension’; we will have good news on the basis of talks are going

* PM announces special scheme for miners and their areas; Rs 6000 crore to be spent on it every year.

* Agriculture Ministry to be renamed as Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare for institutionalised care of the farmers

* In 15 months, there is no allegation of corruption against my govt; I am determined to end the termite of corruption

* Corruption had become part of the system; contractors were running the nation; we have taken steps to correct the system

* Some people are worried about tough law on black money; it has ensured that nobody dares to take black money out of the country

* Coal block auction has been undertaken by the govt, national exchequer will get Rs 3 lakh crore

* 20 lakh people have given up LPG subsidy, this is aimed at helping the poor: PM.

* All govts make programmes but what matters is implementation, says PM.

* India can be free of corruption; need lots of measures; have to start from top: PM.

* Dignity of labour has to be our national duty, it has to be a part of our nature, says PM.

* Almost 4.25 lakh toilets were built in 2.62 schools nationwide in one year; this gives self-confidence that we can do what we want: PM.

* All our programmes and institutions should be helpful to the poor; have to empower them through financial inclusion: PM

* Rs 20,000 crore were deposited in 17 crore Jandhan bank accounts, says PM in Independence Day address.

* Modi says if the unity of India is destroyed, then the dreams of the people will also be destroyed.

* Poison of casteism and passion of communalism have no place in India, we have to defeat these through development

* Simplicity and unity are India’s strength, it should never be tainted or hurt, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Red Fort.

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  1. S
    Aug 15, 2015 at 12:28 pm
    The delay has created some serious heart burning among our former war veterans. Not a good development.
    1. S
      Aug 15, 2015 at 12:26 pm
      The same was actually granted on last Independence Day itself when PM Modi had announced it from Red Fort in Delhi. One year is not a small time to announce it. The further delay has naturally not gone well with our former war veterans. It leaves a bad impression about Modi govt.

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