1. H-1B visas: Mark Zuckerberg backed group blasts Donald Trump’s immigration policy

H-1B visas: Mark Zuckerberg backed group blasts Donald Trump’s immigration policy

An advocacy group backed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has slammed US presidential aspirant Donald Trump for his proposed immigration policy which would make it tougher for US companies to hire people on H-1B visas, hugely popular with Indian IT professionals.

By: | Published: August 21, 2015 7:25 PM

An advocacy group backed by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has slammed US presidential aspirant Donald Trump for his proposed immigration policy which would make it tougher for US companies to hire people on H-1B visas, hugely popular with Indian IT professionals.

In a blog post yesterday, FWD.US president Todd Shulte, said Trump’s immigration policy on H-1B visas would have a direct impact on America’s leadership in innovation and entrepreneurship, and it would also cost a whopping USD 400-500 billion to report all the 11.5 million illegal immigrants.

FWD.US is a leading US advocacy group founded and backed by Zuckerberg and other like-minded infotech companies pushing for massive immigration that would make it easier for Indian IT professionals to come to the US.

Almost 86 per cent of the H-1B visas that the US granted last year for computer jobs had gone to Indian workers, a Computerworld analysis of government data showed last week.

“The idea we should radically restrict pathways for highly-skilled immigrants to come and stay here is u2013 again u2013 just wrong,” Shulte wrote in his blog, days after Republican candidate Trump singled out the Facebook founder by name as he announced his immigration policy, wherein he proposed to raise the minimum wage for the popular H-1B visas, which at present is mandated to 65,000 per annum.

“Mark Zuckerberg’s personal Senator, Marco Rubio, has a bill to triple H-1B that would decimate women and minorities,” Donald Trump had said.

In his blog, Shulte said sectors with high percentages of H1-Bs not only have unemployment rates substantially lower than the national average, but those geographic areas with more H1-Bs have higher economic growth.

Nearly, 40 per cent of Fortune 500 companies have been founded by immigrants or the children of immigrants.

“For every 100 H-1B workers, an additional 183 jobs among US native-born workers are created. Immigrants are nearly twice as likely to start their own business as native-born Americans,” he added.

“We need to fix our nation’s badly broken immigration system so that more highly-skilled immigrants can create jobs here in the US u2013 and that we can continue to be a magnet for the best and the brightest from all over the world; our global competitors aren’t waiting while we waste time,” he wrote.

That means creating a Startup Visa to help entrepreneurs create the next generation of innovation here in the US; it means clearing the green card backlog to allow those who qualify and want to stay here to build their lives and grow our economy, and it means increasing the numbers of H-1B visas and reforming the program so that we don’t run out of spots in the current yearly allotment for this critical program within only a few days every year, he added.

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  1. F
    Fred Nimrod
    Aug 22, 2015 at 12:36 am
    This is simply filled with lies. The big lie about H-1Bs creating jobs is the most outrageous. Every year, more H-1Bs are brought in and fewer Americans work in STEM/IT. If the H-1B is creating more jobs, where are these jobs? What is ACTUALLY happening is that the "new jobs" are being filled by MORE H-1B SCABS.
    1. David Francis
      Aug 22, 2015 at 2:45 am
      In the case of Birthright Citizenship according to the 14th amendment, which could make it impossible to deport the child/ children but that doesn’t mean the illegal parents get ‘Carte Blanche’. They could be deported or they can self deport? As I see it, the birthright law (the Anchor Baby Syndrome) doesn’t shelter the parents from having to leave, except for some Liberal judge writing his own interpretation of the law. If the parents get an order from a judge who follows the law, they will be repatriated and the child or children will have to leave with the illegal parents or stay with a citizen family member. The Birthright Citizenship is an error as when the Founders wrote the Consution, they dismissed the children of foreign Diplomats having no right to citizenship, voting or joining the military service. So answer me this elusive question, that if a foreign Diplomats son, daughter/ or both progeny is not eligible for citizenship, a voting privileges or joining into the army? So how it is an illegal alien Mother can enter America undetected and the new born is granted citizenship and then gain access to every American enlement? As I have said, this is a—ANOMALY---that makes no sense; even though the birthright citizenship law concurred by the Supreme Courts? What’s the difference between a foreign diplomat and an illegal alien? They both owe their allegiance to a King or potentate in a foreign country? It’s outrageous to me in thinking Americans taxpayers have to forcibly pay for foreigners who intentionally violate the law and given a w host of goodies for their offspring. Yet Vets, Senior Citizens and our own poverty people are seen as second cl citizens and are short changed to people who evaded the law? This invasion is compounded by the criminal element that come her, then commits a heinous crime and then as one of hundreds of thousands who are just dumped out in communities without notice to local police throughout the United States. It was the beginning of this criminal illegal alien who shot to death, Kate Steinle in the ‘Sanctuary City of San Francisco, Ultra Liberal fortress of Socialistic agenda’s Pursuant to: "The Court held that the Fourteenth Amendment affirmed the traditional jus soli rule, including the exceptions of children born to foreign diplomats, to hostile occupying forces or on foreign public ships, and added a new exception of children of Indians owing direct allegiance to their tribes. It further held that the 'Fourteenth Amendment ... has conferred no authority upon Congress to restrict the effect of birth, declared by the Consution to consute a sufficient and complete right to citizenship' and that it is 'throughout affirmative and declaratory, intended to allay doubts and settle controversies which had arisen, and not to impose any new restrictions upon citizenship." (So if Diplomats offspring cannot be granted citizenship, then why illegal alien child be afforded such a declaration of automatic citizenship?) Of course Birthright citizenship is not the end of the financial problematic issue, because a child who is granted automatic citizenship can at a later date sponsor more family members—hence the term ‘Anchor Baby’ and the fast building pyramid—CHAIN MIGRATION? So this and previous government that we must keep paying for foreign nationals that are destabilizing our economy, by stealing jobs, lowering wages and yet we must keep paying through the nose, by a wrong interpretation of the law. My opinion the illegal alien invasion has been rigged since the Simpson-Mazzoli amnesty of 1986. Employers wanted cheap labor and the Leftists wanted more voters. Should there be no way out of the “Anchor Baby’ conundrum, there is a plausible way to at least remove the illegal alien parents? Simply, by introducing a version of E-Verify—not optional, but MANDATORY and supplying the funds to run it. Right now there are only 500 ICE agents to encomp the w of America, so we need to deliver large scale recruitment for more agents to raid any work place. This would be a second step after Donald Trump builds the wall, or even prior to the construction. E-Verify would be an overriding key to the mive incursion and it fall upon employers to check their employment records. The solution of thousands of more ICE officers sweeping down on unsuspected businesses from informants and Whistle blowers of inside information to the agency; It would achieve a remarkable change in the hiring process. There would allow any mitigating cirstances for using illegal workers and the penalty by statute would be 5 years imprisonment. If, and I say if Donald Trump does become President he would press for a strict E-Verify, but others might be restrained because of their obligations to their donors. As Donald Trump is the ONLY one who can carry out the wishes of the American people, as nothing can cut him out of the process. No matter what the issue is; whether it’s illegal Immigration, foreign policy, domestic programs, all the special interest, rich benefactors have something they want from their puppet politicians. When lobbyists come to you with a basket of dark money, sometime in the future they want you either to reject a bill in Congress, or supply lawmaker’s vote for some piece of bad law. Lobbyists are the pushers of awful policies, just like Heroine that hurts Americans, with politicians are in collusion with the US Chamber of Commerce, Silicon Valley, Wall Street and corporate welfare legislation—and not forgetting the Lib-Democrats are just as complicit in selling American, women and men of all races.

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