Decoding the rage in Ferguson

Decoding the rage in Ferguson

For more than a decade, African-American gains since the 1960s...
No table for three

No table for three

Narendra Modi’s gamble won’t work unless Delhi gets act together on J&K, border management...
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  • Banks must boost MSME lending

    Monday 14 Jul '14Bank funding for the sector has come down from 50% to 35% over the past few years, leading to dependence on non-formal lending
  • The landmark in her life

    Friday 06 Jun '14The founder and the former CEO of the Landmark chain of book/leisure stores shares with Sushila Ravindranath how book retailing can survive in the age of Amazon and Flipkart
  • A beautiful rise

    Wednesday 28 May '14How Naturals, the Tamil Nadu-based beauty salon chain, stopped being an ancillary business and became the main venture of its promoter
  • First Lease, Last Lease?

    Tuesday 01 Apr '14First Leasing was, literally, India’s first leasing company—it may end up being the last one
  • Watering the future

    Tuesday 11 Mar '14Over a scrumptious Chettinad lunch, Sushila Ravindranath learns from the Wabag India MD why water treatment and allied services is a sunrise industry
  • A vision for imaging

    Friday 21 Feb '14The managing director & CEO of Medall Healthcare Private Limited tells Sushila Ravindranath why diagnostics and imaging services need freeing up and, in the process, reveals his own making as an entrepreneur
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  • Living in the moment

    Thursday 23 Jan '14Over a gluten-free lunch, the managing director of Shriram Life Insurance tells Sushila Ravindranath that the group has provided close to 10 lakh life covers to the poorer sections of the population and that it is now looking at deeply penetrating small towns
  • Poppadums from Chennai to the UK

    Monday 20 Jan '14Lanson Ventures, a Cennai-based company, earns a healthy profit exporting papads while giving over 4,000 women in rural Tamil Nadu a shot at economic independence
  • Column: Connecting different strings

    Thursday 19 Dec '13Over a hearty breakfast of pongal and dosa, Sushila Ravindranath gets one of the youngest stars of Carnatic music...
  • Wings of Namakkal

    Monday 14 Oct '13Tamil Nadu produces 20% of all eggs in India, of which 80% is from Namakkal
  • Isle of opportunity

    Saturday 14 Sep '13As election nears, political parties again make much of Katchatheevu
  • Cotton surplus has to be priced lower for domestic markets

    Wednesday 11 Sep '13The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council (Texprocil) has recently released a report titled ‘Benchmarking Study of Production Costs
  • Column: GAIL’s pipe dream

    Friday 28 Jun '13Court stays TN directive to remove pipelines from farmlands
  • Next gen of Chennai-based family biz groups sits pretty at helm

    Wednesday 06 Mar '13The conventional wisdom about a family business is that the first generation starts a business, the second generation runs it and the third generation ruins it.
  • Next gen of Chennai-based family biz groups sits pretty at helm

    Wednesday 06 Mar '13The conventional wisdom about a family business is that the first generation starts a business, the second generation runs it and the third generation ruins it.
  • ‘We are brand & platform agnostic’

    Tuesday 06 Nov '12The founder of India’s largest distributor of electronic goods tells Sushila Ravindranath why he has been generous with his company’s shareholdings.
  • Reviving the MSE

    Monday 29 Oct '12The Madras Stock Exchange was set up in 1937. It celebrated its 75th anniversary recently.
  • How graft grew on Granite

    Tuesday 02 Oct '12The former Collector of Madurai district in Tamil Nadu, U Sagayam, wrote to the Principal Secretary of the State Industries Department in May, about illegal granite quarrying in Madurai.
  • Global adjustments

    Sunday 16 Sep '12Upworldly Mobile is a guide to behavioural and business skills for the new Indian manager.
  • Sivakasi is always on a short fuse

    Wednesday 12 Sep '12Poor safety standards, inexperienced managers and an uninterested govt ensure that the firecracker factory fire wasn’t a one-off accident.
  • ‘We’ll know what 6,500 people do each day’

    Thursday 06 Sep '12The managing director of Cholamandalam Investment & Finance tells Sushila Ravindranath that mobile phones and bluetooth printers have totally changed how his business is run.
  • Emus don’t take flight

    Monday 20 Aug '12Tamil Nadu seems to fall for get-rich-quickly schemes all the time. Each decade brings its own set of disasters.
  • Blame big corporates for inflation

    Wednesday 01 Aug '12Manikam Ramaswami, a gold medalist from IIT Chennai, is the chairman & managing director of the Loyal Textile Group, one of the country’s leading textile exporters.
  • Falling in love in left-brained Chennai

    Sunday 29 Jul '12One wonders why there is such limited Indian writing in English on Chennai.
  • ‘People want colour in their kitchen’

    Friday 13 Jul '12TT Jagannathan, executive chairman of TTK Prestige Limited, has many reasons to feel happy.