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  • Column: AAP ka gussa

    Tuesday 14 Jan '14Those railing against private corruption ignore losses due to PSU lethargy or the huge leakages in govt subsidies
  • Long drive

    Sunday 05 Jan '14Jagdish Khattar’s Driven is a must-read not just for its fascinating stories, but for the insights into management styles and how they evolve
  • A legacy squandered

    Saturday 04 Jan '14In 1991, Manmohan Singh rescued a bankrupt and shackled economy and prepared it for capitalism, for growth. In 2014, he returns it to low growth and, more important, back to greater state intervention, higher subsidies and, dare we say, povertarianism.
  • Japan ‘steps’ down to boost funding of DMICDC project

    Tuesday 31 Dec '13STEP loans terms liberalised further to get finmin nod for $4.5-bn DMICDC loan
  • Bringing India back from the precipice, just about

    Tuesday 31 Dec '13Apart from restoring the credibility of the fiscal and CAD numbers, Chidambaram’s biggest contribution was in getting projects back on track and pushing some reforms
  • Hesitatingly, into 2014

    Tuesday 31 Dec '13We’ve reached a tipping point in many areas and that has its own dynamics
  • Politically and economically, a year to look forward to

    Tuesday 31 Dec '13Unilever bets big, Tesco finally walks in, CCI powers on, Cairn and RIL promise $9bn more investment … it’s not just Modi, with elections in the air, even Rahul Gandhi speaks growth
  • Nandan Nilekani: This is the year of network power

    Tuesday 31 Dec '13Over 1.8 cr people in 184 districts have been given Rs 2,000 cr of LPG subsidies since June
  • Column: Killing the telecom party

    Monday 23 Dec '13Without a uniform spectrum usage charge, everything the govt has done of late will come to nought
  • Column: AAP's power shock

    Wednesday 11 Dec '13Forget a 50% reduction, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has to be ready for a near doubling of tariffs over a few years.
  • Column: It’s in the data

    Tuesday 12 Nov '13The success of the telecom auctions depends on how much ‘data’ spectrum is on offer, not the ‘voice’ one
  • Govt in the dock, not India Inc

    Thursday 17 Oct '13If there is no transparent policy to allocate natural resources, how is India Inc expected to grow?
  • Toll time for UPA

    Wednesday 25 Sep '13Aadhaar is in trouble, DDA won’t transfer land to DMICDC, NHAI won’t do PPP projects—it can’t get worse
  • Vedanta confident of getting alternative mine for Niyamgiri project

    Wednesday 25 Sep '13Though all 12 gram sabhas voted against allowing Anil Agarwal’s Vedanta Aluminium to mine bauxite in Niyamgiri, the Vedanta Group
  • Column: Bond with the best

    Tuesday 17 Sep '13Dealing with US taper would be a lot easier if India was part of a global bond index, just like it is for equities
  • Column: Modi morphs into Amartya Sen

    Thursday 15 Aug '13In an attempt to show he doesn’t have kam passion for the poor, Modi damages his development credentials
  • Column:The other Raghuram Rajan

    Thursday 08 Aug '13His views on inflation-targeting and the rupee apart, the new RBI Governor has more up his sleeve
  • Column: Congress bhagao not good enough

    Tuesday 11 Jun '13UPA has goofed up, but we need some clarity on what Narendra Modi’s economic philosophy is going to be
  • Column: That 66% number

    Monday 20 May '13Just how stupid and economically illiterate Indians are, and how wise and benevolent the political class is can best be captured by a single figure, the number 66.