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  • BRICS & the limits of interdependence

    Friday 23 Sep '11As finance ministers and central bank governors of BRICS nations convened on Thursday in Washington, DC, to brainstorm about the greying skies of the global economy, two related logics find themselves at play without clarity as to whether they can be fully harmonised.
  • How Murdoch worsened Obama’s ordeal

    Tuesday 02 Aug '11As media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s empire battles its worst crisis ever, after the phone hacking expose in the UK, this once-almighty controller of information in the Anglo-Saxon world finds himself bereft of political allies.
  • Land of Japain

    Wednesday 11 May '11Since the deadly earthquake, tsunami and nuclear radiation rattled Japan in March, the country has embarked on yet another Phoenix-from-the-ashes comeback.
  • G-20 with teeth?

    Wednesday 27 Apr '11The announcement by finance ministers of the G-20 in Washington earlier this month of an ambitious surveillance system to spot imbalances in the economies of member states that are of ‘systemic importance’ can be interpreted either as a milestone or as a millstone.
  • Column : Undemocratic bailouts

    Wednesday 13 Apr '11With Portugal joining the list of European peripheral economies being bailed out through ‘tough love’ emergency aid, the terms being foisted upon the hapless indebted states of the continent are coming in for criticism.
  • Guessing game Libya

    Tuesday 29 Mar '11As Operation Odyssey Dawn—the Western bombing campaign in Libya—enters its second week, expectations that it would be a short and clinical intervention to enforce UN Security Council Resolution 1973 are proving overoptimistic.
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  • Georgia has key to Russia’s WTO seat

    Wednesday 16 Mar '11What would you do if a desperately sought and planned entry into a desired place is blocked by the whim of a bit player who is already inside?
  • Jasmine in a China shop

    Thursday 03 Mar '11As democratic revolts roar across West Asia in a cascading fashion, the word ‘jasmine’ has entered the blacklist of forbidden terms enforced by China’s Internet censorship and policing machinery.
  • Scramble for Mozambique coal

    Tuesday 15 Feb '11An intriguing international contest for control of Mozambique-centred Australian coal mining company Riversdale took a dramatic turn last week. CSN, Brazil’s biggest steel manufacturer, increased its holdings in Riversdale from 17.58% to 19.9%.
  • The dictator’s ticking clock

    Tuesday 01 Feb '11Technology shapes basic social relations and forms of governance. The combination of technological and demographic change can alter history by rearranging agency among different segments of society and ushering in new orders.
  • Colour me China, says Europe

    Tuesday 18 Jan '11As austerity, a painful loss of welfare state entitlements and violent riots roil much of Europe, an alacritous knight walked into Berlin, Madrid and London over the last two weeks.
  • China makes Russian calculations

    Tuesday 04 Jan '11On New Year’s Day, a Chinese bureaucrat pushed a button in the northeastern border province of Heilongjiang to inaugurate a monumental oil pipeline between Russian Siberia and the Chinese city of Daqing.
  • Rare earth shock

    Tuesday 28 Dec '10A new report released by the US Energy Department paints a grim picture on future supplies of rare earths, which have shot into prominence due to artificial shortages triggered by China’s sovereignty dispute with Japan.
  • Europe gets waylaid

    Thursday 09 Dec '10As the Euro zone wobbles in debt and austerity crises that ebb now and then but return with fury, it is evident that the real determiners of the fate of the tottering continent are investors rather than governments.
  • Mother of all preferential trade zones

    Friday 26 Nov '10US President Barack Obama’s recent Asian tour was a mixed bag. He won kudos in India and Indonesia, but failed to cut ice in South Korea on a bilateral free trade agreement and on reining in spiralling discord within the G20.
  • A friend in need...

    Friday 12 Nov '10This week’s G20 summit in Seoul is the fifth conclave of heads of government of major economies since the global economic crisis of 2008.
  • Beijing bullies, Mumbai entices

    Thursday 28 Oct '10On a recent visit to India, Lawrence Summers, the outgoing Director of the US White House’s National Economic Council...
  • Brazil ups the ante

    Thursday 14 Oct '10By framing a series of unilateral actions to maintain export competitiveness as segments of an “international currency war”, Brazilian finance minister Guido Mantega has articulated a new headache for global governance.
  • Column : Dragonomics rolls on

    Friday 01 Oct '10While China’s economic diplomacy is manifestly directed towards maximising export markets and scooping up enormous trade surpluses from partner nations, a parallel assertiveness is surfacing through Chinese foreign direct investment in far-flung regions of the world.
  • A clean energy meltdown

    Friday 17 Sep '10The filing of a case by an American labour union, the United Steelworkers, that charges China with violating international trade rules has injected a fresh irritant into a fraying relationship between the world’s two largest economies.
  • Board games

    Wednesday 08 Sep '10A quiet storm is brewing at the International Monetary Fund, threatening to snowball into a legitimacy paralysis that divests the organisation of relevance in a change-bound world economy.
  • Underwater treasure hunt

    Friday 03 Sep '10The announcement by the Chinese government that one of its manned submarines dived 12,330 feet to the South China Sea floor to plant the Chinese national flag has dramatically heightened international competition for the mineral-rich water body.
  • A time for unrest

    Monday 30 Aug '10The recent crippling strike by South African auto workers portends renewed industrial friction in the context of gradual, global economic recovery.
  • Climate of inaction

    Friday 13 Aug '10The record heat wave and nationwide blaze of forest fires that are engulfing Russia, one of the world’s coldest countries...
  • Sour BlackBerries

    Thursday 05 Aug '10The threat by the government of the United Arab Emirates to ban data services of the pioneering BlackBerry smartphone....