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  • Capital curbs feeding cynicism

    Friday 23 Aug '13RBIís restrictions will significantly impact the ability of Indian companies to invest abroad
  • Companies Bill: Ups and downs for private equity investors

    Saturday 17 Aug '13The Bill restricts multiple subsidiaries and stops a company from giving its PE investors timely exit
  • Column: Messiah or monster?

    Monday 12 Aug '13Land price and housing project costs will most likely rise after the passing of the proposed Bill
  • For excellence in education

    Tuesday 16 Apr '13The figures are mind-boggling, the industry lucrative. Foreign education is the dream and aspiration for most Indian students.
  • Column: Taking the real estate bull by the horns

    Thursday 07 Mar '13Amidst hope, arm-chair criticism and loud sighs of dismay, the government of Haryana finds itself mulling over the enforcement of the Haryana Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Bill, 2013, which seeks to instil accountability and transparency in the real estate sector.
  • What should PE investors look out for?

    Monday 04 Feb '13The Companies Bill, 2012, is on the anvil and the word is that it is likely to be taken up in the budget session.
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  • No future of options in securities

    Friday 14 Oct '11Those in the private equity industry may be aware that the RBI, in the recent past, had been issuing show cause notices to investors seeking to exercise their put option exit right against the promoters of their respective portfolio companies.
  • Formula Won

    Tuesday 20 Sep '11The first major for-profit sports extravaganza is still some weeks away, but itís already making news for the wrong reasons.
  • Narrowed route

    Wednesday 06 Oct '10Bringing investment as a foreign venture capital investor fund, registered under the Sebi regulations, has been a preferred option for foreign investors seeking to invest in India.
  • GDR issue that triggered the takeover debate

    Wednesday 03 Feb '10Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) are securities issued by an overseas depository bank outside India against underlying rupee shares of a company incorporated in India...