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  • What the HRD minister must do

    Monday 09 Jun '14Rather than focusing on the creation of new IITs, the HRD minister must focus on providing good primary, secondary and even college education to the hitherto deprived rural masses on war footing
  • New quadrilateral for new govt

    Monday 12 May '14Management students would do well to comprehend how can the new government put India on a decent developmental path
  • Getting the mix right

    Monday 31 Mar '14Of late, corporates have suggested changes to management education, but that won’t exactly make it better. After all, what’s suitable for the industry may not always be desirable for the economy or society
  • Have we just entered a debt trap?

    Monday 24 Feb '14Business schools must train students to analytically understand the Budget and also read between the lines so that they are able to take intelligent business decisions in the future.
  • Economic sacrifices at the political altar

    Monday 20 Jan '14While management education imparts good ‘micro’ skills to students, what they lack is clear understanding of the macroeconomy. Considering India’s current economic issues, this is an area that needs immediate attention
  • Econophysics: A tale of two subjects

    Monday 25 Nov '13Applying principles of physics to economics can throw up correction mechanisms for the Indian economy
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  • Round the circle and back to square one?

    Monday 23 Sep '13Management students must understand that once macroeconomic issues fall in place, the rupee will appreciate without ventilators
  • Freedom struggle 2.0

    Monday 12 Aug '13We need another kind of independence—from foreign dependency, poverty, malnutrition, deprivation, superstition, corruption, crime and apathy.
  • Must we depend on foreign money?

    Monday 17 Jun '13Management education needs to make students think out of the box even on major macroeconomic issues
  • Reaping our demographic dividend

    Monday 20 May '13Inclusive growth has been a focus area of the 11th Five Year Plan and is on the agenda of the 12th Plan too.
  • The magic wand of reforms

    Monday 06 Aug '12Our country needs an extraordinarily tough situation or crisis to accept and face major challenges.
  • Stagflation. Or is it recflation?

    Monday 11 Jun '12Management students are taught that ‘stagflation’ means an unusual combination of stagnant economy with high inflation rate.
  • Saving the common currency

    Monday 09 Jan '12It’s not the time to ponder over whether common currency was a good idea in the first place, it’s time to think about ways to save the euro with minimal adverse effects
  • Rate hike for growth?

    Monday 03 Oct '11If there is one thing management institutes must teach students, it is to read between the lines.
  • Social responsibility next?

    Monday 15 Aug '11Post-Independence, the Indian economy has moved through major upheavals, if not a roller-coaster ride.
  • What if they go on a euro holiday?

    Monday 04 Jul '11It’s injurious to the health of the business-dominated economy if management students and faculty alike remain unmindful of the global political phenomena and future possibilities.
  • Inflation in the global village

    Monday 25 Apr '11Management students need to comprehend the current inflation phenomenon since they are going to market their product in a scenario of constantly rising prices; they must reconcile with falling profit margins due to rising input costs, pay higher inflation-indexed wages and make future strategies factoring in expected inflation.
  • School of thought

    Monday 21 Feb '11It’s essential for management students to understand certain realities about the Budget.
  • Leadership in higher education

    Monday 27 Dec '10Leadership in the industry using maximum brainwork is not just about running an organisation efficiently. It’s also about extrapolating current trends to foresee future possibilities and skillfully integrating with the anticipated socio-political and economic needs.
  • Currency war or inward orientation?

    Monday 15 Nov '10Currency war’ or ‘competitive devaluation’ is a buzzword today. Interestingly, given the cause of devaluation as gaining export advantage and price-competitiveness in international trade, it raises a fundamental question about the appropriateness of excessive export-dependency of an economy to achieve high growth-rate for itself.
  • Finding the golden mean

    Monday 27 Sep '10Occurrence of trade cycles has become inevitable with most countries moving towards freer yet more cautiously controlled economic models. It also underscores the importance of prudent economic policy composed of fiscal and monetary measures.
  • Enriching higher education

    Monday 06 Sep '10It’s both amusing and interesting to notice the similarity between a fully grown tree and the education system. Like the roots of the tree spread across vast expanse of land and draw on every possible inch of the soil, school level education takes the children through the spectrum of subjects from drawing to maths; and from sports to history.
  • Time to do a reality check

    Monday 23 Aug '10If more than 80% of India’s GDP originates from the manufacture and service sectors that are essentially run by....
  • Getting the faculty right

    Monday 19 Jul '10Directors of B-schools like the IIMs have expressed their anxiety about acquiring good faculty to teach the plethora of...
  • Many hues of management research

    Monday 21 Jun '10As is being discussed and anticipated, if the University Grants Commission and All India Council for Technical...