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  • Column : Learning to live with smaller margins

    Wednesday 13 Feb '13Don’t go by the BSE Bankex which is distorted by private banks doing well—in general, banks are in deep trouble.
  • Market appears to be out of touch with ground reality

    Tuesday 15 Jan '13The rally in the stock markets has never seemed more removed from reality.
  • And now, VGF in agriculture!

    Wednesday 26 Dec '12The chairman of Commission for Agricultural Costs and Prices talks to Sunil Jain and Shobhana Subramanian about what he has achieved in terms of getting farm prices right and what he plans to do to get the markets right.
  • Column : When ambition overtakes ability

    Monday 10 Dec '12It was in early December 2007 that the GMR Infra stock hit its lifetime high of Rs.134.35.
  • ‘India will always want source-based taxation’

    Wednesday 05 Dec '12GAAR has been the subject of much debate as investors await the government’s decisions on the Shome Committee recommendations.
  • ‘We could lose all private infra gains’

    Thursday 29 Nov '12With all manner of private infrastructure initiatives in litigation—the Delhi Airport Metro being the latest example—Rajiv Lall, vice chairman and managing director, IDFC, argues India is at the crossroads in the PPP space.
  • ‘Govt can ask for more FII in insurance’

    Tuesday 20 Nov '12Two days ahead of the Parliament opening on Thursday, BJP leader and head of the Standing Committee on Finance, Yashwant Sinha, indicated areas where the government could get critical bills passed, provided, he underscored, the government chose not to be obdurate.
  • Sinha keeps line open on retail FDI

    Tuesday 20 Nov '12With the BJP yet to decide on whether to push for a discussion with voting on FDI in retail, BJP leader and finance standing committee chief Yashwant Sinha indicated the party may be more willing to let certain legislation through in the coming winter session of Parliament.
  • Suzlon default puts banks on edge as corp debt soars

    Friday 02 Nov '12India’s top bankers will meet on November 8 to break their heads on how they can recast Suzlon’s whopping R14,000-crore debt.
  • No new licence until Banking Act amendment: Subbarao

    Wednesday 31 Oct '12The Reserve Bank of India on Tuesday disappointed many including the finance ministry by leaving the repo rate unchanged and cutting the CRR by 25 basis points.
  • SBI capex loan crash mirrors investment strike at India Inc

    Tuesday 30 Oct '12In an indication of just how little corporate India is investing, sanctions by State Bank of India for project finance collapsed to just over R2,000 crore between April and August this year.
  • ‘There’s a global shift from loan to bond markets’

    Tuesday 09 Oct '12Despite the vulnerability of the country’s credit rating and the high fiscal and current account deficits, several Indian banks have tapped the overseas markets over the past month or so.
  • Column: Tata’s power problem

    Friday 05 Oct '12Tata Power wants to increase tariffs at Mundra to cover rising coal prices but that is unfair to bidders who lost out.
  • Walmart likely to stay with Bharti

    Wednesday 26 Sep '12Bharti Enterprises is likely to remain Walmart’s partner in the new joint venture that the global retailer rolls out for large stores now that multi-brand retail has been thrown open to foreign direct investment.
  • Column : Any takers for telecom stock?

    Monday 24 Sep '12Market leader Bharti Airtel looks stressed, worse is to come, and we haven’t even seen the Reliance impact as yet.
  • Column : Dream stocks are disappearing

    Friday 14 Sep '12Back in 2008, and even in early 2009, Bharti Airtel was on a roll, signing on subscribers by the minute.
  • Column : India Inc desperate for cover

    Monday 27 Aug '12A glance at the balance sheets of corporate India shows an alarming increase in the levels of borrowings.
  • Column : Do PSU banks favour big firms?

    Tuesday 21 Aug '12KC Chakrabarty, deputy governor of the Reserve Bank of India, has, in a recent lecture, more than hinted that all may not be well with the manner in which loans are being restructured.
  • Indian economy slipping further into the trough

    Friday 10 Aug '12The economy seems to be slipping further into the trough rather than coming out of it.