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  • When Mary Kom stares down at Narendra Modi

    Saturday 05 Apr '14A new willingness to go out into India and compete rather than stay back and sulk is the most significant writing on the Assamese wall today. Itís changing equations, social and political, and explains why this election will mark the demise of the AGP and the rise of the BJP as the second political force in the state
  • Whoís afraid of Neville Maxwell?

    Monday 24 Mar '14Two generations of Indians, including yours faithfully, once brainwashed into believing propaganda and military mythologies. And an establishment that still chooses to hide the truth about the 1962 War from its own people. Letís be grateful to that 88-year-old relentless journalist and scholar for the partial release of the Henderson-Brooks reportóand hope the next government has the courage to do the rest
  • Main hoon aam patrakar

    Monday 17 Mar '14No point asking why Kejriwal is threatening the media. Where were the questions when he was playing them?
  • Mr Tebbit goes to Meerut

    Monday 10 Mar '14Booking Kashmirís kids for cheering Pak paints a shameful and wrong picture of India ó and of cricket
  • India Stinc

    Saturday 15 Feb '14Thatís what India Inc smells like these days if you can breathe through the pepper spray
  • Arvind Chitra Katha

    Monday 10 Feb '14Donít say he didnít warn us. Read his scary little manifesto, in which it all starts with a king, a courtesan and their gram sabha
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