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  • National Interest: 8,616

    Monday 16 Jun '14That’s the number of characters this farewell column has. Why I have inflicted this on you, dear reader
  • National Interest: 8,616

    Saturday 14 Jun '14That’s the number of characters this farewell column has. Why I have inflicted this on you, dear reader...
  • One assassination, countless murders

    Friday 06 Jun '14When Delhi was on fire — a burning necklace of death a mile around Rashtrapati Bhavan, killer mobs granted furlough by the police, local government and the Congress party, narrow Trilokpuri lanes piled with half-burnt bodies. The embers still burn
  • Talk less

    Monday 02 Jun '14That’s what Modi should tell his ministers before they shoot their mouths off and damage his hard-earned political capital
  • Before the secular dip, hold your nose

    Monday 12 May '14Where the Gangs of Poorvanchal have come together to fight communal forces.
  • Taking the poor out of Poorvanchal

    Monday 12 May '14Teaching is the sunrise industry in Uttar Pradesh — a better future its most wanted product. But Mulayam, trapped in a political time warp, doesn’t get this. His promise: I will raise the poverty line (so more of you can call yourself poor!)
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  • Huggies diapers in Vaishali, Muslim-Dalit IIT-JEE coalition

    Wednesday 07 May '14Over nine years of good governance, exemplary law and order and record growth, Nitish Kumar pulled Bihar back from the brink.
  • The rich and the ostrich

    Thursday 01 May '14The vicious Badal family feud in Bathinda plays on, while the youngest political entrant, AAP, courts ghosts buried long ago. In the margins, Amarinder Singh shows off his black-grey partridge ringtones. And my few minutes of selfie-less fame
  • Anticipating India

    Monday 28 Apr '14Seven years ago, National Interest said that Narendra Modi would define the BJP’s future, emerge as its unrivalled leader. One year into UPA 2, it heard the silence of a prime minister. The best of Shekhar Gupta’s weekly column — over 19 years — is being released on Monday, April 28. A selection of the pieces from the book (HarperCollins Publishers India and Express Book Series) that foreshadowed the big changes
  • Navi Calcutta

    Thursday 24 Apr '14Smouldering 50,000 tonne coal mountain in the heart of the city, a decrepit dock choking 750 acres, Mumbai is a tired city with chronic fatigue syndrome. And yet, there is also Padhayi Gali, a patch of sidewalk paved with four young men’s dreams of gold
  • In a tearing Hurry-ana

    Friday 11 Apr '14There’s a need for speed everywhere: kids ask for faster WiFi instead of NREGA, better names for their colleges than the ones after gurus and babas. Hospitals sell botox dreams, smile clinics promise to dazzle your teeth. A polytechnic student tells you why Rahul cannot connect here and why ‘BJP ke donon hathon mein laddu hain’
  • ‘All depends on persons Modi will choose. He must not take any tainted person, not worry about Oppn here, and make CMs partners in governing India’

    Wednesday 09 Apr '14In this Walk the Talk on NDTV 24x7 with The Indian Express Editor-in-Chief Shekhar Gupta, former Union minister Arun Shourie talks about the tasks for the new government, the Gujarat CM’s style of working, the “understanding” that Modi could reach with the RSS and the fall in stature of the PMO
  • Gogoi, the only Congressman smiling... and a weeping police officer in a masjid

    Monday 07 Apr '14In Assam’s fascinating demographics, everyone is a minority. But education and opportunity are challenging this collective grievance.
  • When Mary Kom stares down at Narendra Modi

    Saturday 05 Apr '14A new willingness to go out into India and compete rather than stay back and sulk is the most significant writing on the Assamese wall today. It’s changing equations, social and political, and explains why this election will mark the demise of the AGP and the rise of the BJP as the second political force in the state
  • Who’s afraid of Neville Maxwell?

    Monday 24 Mar '14Two generations of Indians, including yours faithfully, once brainwashed into believing propaganda and military mythologies. And an establishment that still chooses to hide the truth about the 1962 War from its own people. Let’s be grateful to that 88-year-old relentless journalist and scholar for the partial release of the Henderson-Brooks report—and hope the next government has the courage to do the rest
  • Main hoon aam patrakar

    Monday 17 Mar '14No point asking why Kejriwal is threatening the media. Where were the questions when he was playing them?
  • Mr Tebbit goes to Meerut

    Monday 10 Mar '14Booking Kashmir’s kids for cheering Pak paints a shameful and wrong picture of India — and of cricket
  • India Stinc

    Saturday 15 Feb '14That’s what India Inc smells like these days if you can breathe through the pepper spray
  • Arvind Chitra Katha

    Monday 10 Feb '14Don’t say he didn’t warn us. Read his scary little manifesto, in which it all starts with a king, a courtesan and their gram sabha
  • 1984 won’t end

    Monday 03 Feb '14Nor will 2002 until we have the courage to admit culpability, seek closure
  • 1984 won’t end

    Saturday 01 Feb '14Nor will 2002 until we have the courage to admit culpability, seek closure
  • ‘It was a huge challenge to get people out (for the airport). It was like doing an open heart surgery on a runner during a marathon’

    Tuesday 14 Jan '14The new terminal at the rebuilt Mumbai international airport has put it in the category of one of the finest airports in the country.
  • National Interest: AAP versus VIP

    Saturday 04 Jan '14Kejriwal’s anti-politics politics strikes at the heart of Delhi’s power structure. But what next?
  • Our Indian Feudal Service

    Saturday 21 Dec '13Of course, they have a right to fleece a maid, break the law and claim immunity.
  • Help us imagine, Rahulji

    Saturday 14 Dec '13Maybe start with elections to your job and CWC. Talent is found bottom-up, leadership must travel top-down.