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  • Column: Pause in interest rates likely

    Tuesday 21 Jan '14RBI should be cautious as GDP growth is likely to be below 4.8% in FY14 and global commodity prices are softening
  • Column: Shaping the yield curve

    Tuesday 17 Dec '13RBI may go for a modest 25 bps hike in repo rates with signals that there would be more if inflation persists
  • A mass of jumbled signals

    Thursday 31 Oct '13Should RBI assign an inflation risk premium or discount to the policy rate?
  • Radical change in policy approach

    Monday 28 Oct '13At the heart of it is the efficient financing of India’s growth potential
  • Column: Managing the transition from tight liquidity

    Friday 20 Sep '13RBI might gradually just lower the MSF rate, using supporting liquidity infusion
  • Column: Land deals and high inflation

    Tuesday 19 Mar '13The companion piece to this article, a few days ago, sought some insights into why India’s inflation, initially manifest largely in food inflation, but now gradually disseminating to other components in the consumer price index, remained so persistently high, particularly in an environment where growth has slowed so dramatically and swiftly.
  • Column: Why does inflation remain high?

    Friday 15 Mar '13This is not a paean to cutting rates. It can’t be. Which central bank can legitimately wade into (further) monetary policy easing when the maximum function of the multiple inflation indicators that are tracked by RBI is reading 11%?
  • Column: India’s CAD paradox

    Monday 25 Feb '13We had written about India’s large and troubling current account deficit in early January and how the theories of currencies and finance seem to be failing in India.
  • Column : Surprise with a deep monetary policy easing

    Tuesday 29 Jan '13Why RBI will start cutting rates, maybe even more than expected.
  • Column : India’s large and troubling CAD

    Thursday 03 Jan '13India’s current account deficit in the July-September quarter turned out to be far worse than anticipated, a record 5.4% of GDP.
  • Column : Inflation targeting hardly works

    Wednesday 12 Dec '12This is the surprising finding of a recent IMF paper on understanding the dynamics of inflation in various markets.
  • Modest CRR cut means little effect on cost of funds

    Wednesday 31 Oct '12RBI adopted a cautious tone in easing policy for its mid-year review, choosing to cut the CRR by 25 basis points, and keeping the repo rate on hold.
  • Is Target 2 Europe’s bane or an irrelevance?

    Thursday 25 Oct '12During any crisis, apart from changes in the operating and regulatory environment which serve to make processes stronger, one of the outcomes is that obscure words—terminologies, institutions, actions—come out of the confines of insiders into a wider lexicon.
  • Is the inflation picture consistent?

    Friday 14 Sep '12In the run-up to RBI’s mid-quarter review of monetary policy in mid-September, various trade-offs have crystallised and sharpened.
  • Column : Déjà vu in the power sector

    Thursday 02 Aug '12The Chief Ministers’ Conference held in March 2011 discussed the state of the Power Sector and emphasised the urgency of power sector.
  • FE Column : SLR cut expands repertoire of policy tools

    Wednesday 01 Aug '12RBI has developed a knack in bowling googlies at market analysts, using “gotcha” manoeuvres to confound.
  • How much can RBI help spur growth?

    Thursday 14 Jun '12Part 1 of this article made the case for breaking out of the vicious cycle of macroeconomic imbalances caused by slowing growth, large fiscal and current account deficits, the weakening rupee and persistently high inflation.
  • Is a weakening Rupee equivalent to easing monetary policy?

    Wednesday 13 Jun '12Will RBI take its cue at its forthcoming rate review from the stance taken by the European Central Bank and Chairman Bernanke of the Federal Reserve in the previous week?
  • Column : Back to the future

    Monday 30 Apr '12European banks have withdrawn less of their investments from India than anticipated, but the threat remains.