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  • Music streaming: Go with the stream

    Friday 21 Jun '13With changing trends in music listening habits, a number of websites that allow users to stream songs are emerging
  • Transcending territories

    Tuesday 23 Apr '13Regional films are gaining their place under the sun gradually, but it is still not enough
  • Celebrating Bollywood’s Worst

    Tuesday 05 Feb '13The first edition of The Ghanta Awards for 2011 was held at a small pub in Juhu.
  • The Counter View

    Sunday 20 Jan '13The retail sector accounts for 14 per cent of jobs in India. For many young people, the search for work that pays well and treats them with dignity ends here. Five salespersons, at malls and departmental stores, on the highs and lows of their work, and how it has helped them climb the social ladder.
  • Campus Carnival

    Thursday 06 Dec '12In what may be called its first, full-scale reunion, graduates came together at “Celebrate USC event,” held at Mumbai’s Comedy Store on Sunday.
  • Sunshine Cinema

    Tuesday 11 Sep '12Director Anurag Basu was halfway through writing the script of Barfi! when he decided on its leading man.
  • Eternal Struggle

    Monday 30 Jul '12As part of Screen Big Picture, five character actors speak about their attempts to survive in an industry that is driven by stars and physical appearance.
  • A Cocktail party

    Saturday 23 Jun '12The conversations with the director, composer & producer of Cocktail was more fun than heady; dolloped with live music, casual conversations & humour.