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  • Column: Breaking the link

    Wednesday 27 Nov '13Prima facie, it appears that market misread the Governorís views on CPI inflation
  • China signals shift to put market in charge of IPOs

    Sunday 17 Nov '13China may reduce the influence of the state on stock markets as part of its sweeping reform agenda
  • Column: A shaky base

    Wednesday 13 Nov '13Inadequacy of data, questionable predictability are among the many issues with CPI that should make RBI wary
  • Fighting inflation: then and now

    Friday 25 Oct '13It would be risky for the RBI to base its monetary response upon the new inflation index, whose linkages with other macroeconomic variables are not yet understood
  • Watch out for the CPI rate-shock

    Tuesday 01 Oct '13RBI using CPI instead of WPI will lock the economy into a very high policy rate in the short- to medium-term