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  • Decoding the magic of Mani

    Sunday 25 Nov '12This is a truly delicious book. Like your favourite Mani Ratnam films, it tickles the taste buds sometimes with sun-kissed sweetness and sometimes with tart ambiguity.
  • A tireless hunter of happy endings

    Tuesday 23 Oct '12Whether it was with lovers or brothers, Bachchan or Shahrukh, in the 1950s or 2000s, Yash Chopra’s films remained ridden with the separation-anxiety of Partition.
  • Eulogy for the Mobel

    Sunday 14 Oct '12Assuming that the exception only proves the rule, the Nobel Prize academy’s rule is to award its highly coveted and always controversial prize to littérateurs who aren’t too ‘popular’ and who are a ‘surprise’.
  • Your kink is not my kink

    Sunday 19 Aug '12Why the serendipitous success of El James is getting some feminists heated and conflicted—all in vain.
  • Olympic song of Solomon

    Tuesday 14 Aug '12Much as one loves Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody, David Bowie’s Fashion, Pet Shop Boys’ East End Boys, and West End Girls, The Who’s I’m talkin’ ‘bout my generation, and all the other Brit pop ‘classics’ that were belted out at the closing ceremony of the 2012 Olympics, John Lennon’s Imagine has a special place in one’s heart and mind.
  • And the gold goes to...

    Friday 27 Jul '12On the night of the first dress rehearsal for the opening ceremony, the central line of the London Underground closed down for hours because of track failure, leaving 40,000 attendees struggling with alternative transport.
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  • ‘Chinese state is a spiritual institution’

    Sunday 22 Jul '12When Top Gear went to China, a meaner than usual Jeremy Clarkson smirked, “I am speaking to you from behind a pair of fake Ray-Bans, wearing a fake Armani jacket, carrying a fake Louis Vuitton bag, in which we find a fake iPad and a fake iPhone.
  • World, welcome to 221B Baker Street

    Sunday 01 Jul '12In another four weeks, we will find out how the London Olympics compare to the stately and imposing spectacle put out by Beijing four years ago.
  • Diamonds are forever

    Sunday 10 Jun '12When she became Queen people talked rather pompously of a “new Elizabethan age” and asked whether the Britain of the mid-twentieth century could surprise the world like the English of the age of Drake, Shakespeare and Bacon.
  • Mum’s the word

    Sunday 03 Jun '12In Delhi a small baby lies alone and abandoned. The product of IVF and surrogacy, she had been so coveted - until she was born with a fatal illness.
  • We all live downstream

    Thursday 29 Mar '12No river treatment system will work, unless Indian cities treat all their sewage. Nor will all the sewage treatment plants in the world, as long as their output isn’t recycled.
  • Between the big tectonic plates

    Sunday 18 Mar '12Once upon a time, adventuring was an elite pastime. Only a minor fraction of the Earth’s population went jumping the rapids—just for pleasure, just to get the adrenaline going.
  • First world costs, third world affordability

    Thursday 08 Mar '12The president of Yum! Restaurants (India) tells Renuka Bisht that India is really 'up there' when it comes to restaurateurs 'orientation towards hospitality, but also in price point sensitivity
  • Her fantasy is to run a tea stall

    Sunday 12 Feb '12Take a relatively homogeneous sample of a traditional and low-income village cluster.
  • Google doesn’t value privacy? Go to Hotmail

    Wednesday 01 Feb '12We can definitely find ways to circumvent the new Google privacy policy that’s replaced 60 old ones. Whether we can find the time or inclination to do this is less certain.
  • In the beginning was the word

    Sunday 29 Jan '12You entered Diggi Palace and the peacock-coloured drapes on this side, that side promised something wonderful.
  • Samosas, Salman and books

    Thursday 26 Jan '12Elephant in the room. Ghost of Blanco. Scarlet Pimpernel. Bad ad for Indian democracy. Attack on freedom of speech.
  • Angels will fall

    Sunday 11 Dec '11As the Christmas season approaches, the book market begins to dish out plum dishes that they hope will be served up in lots of wrapping paper.
  • Column: A billion times anything ... is huge!

    Saturday 10 Dec '11Jayanthi Natarajan has done what she set off to Durban to do, made the point that India has a very small carbon footprint.
  • Why trickle down when we can bubble up?

    Sunday 04 Dec '11Nobody can dispute that the feminist movement is no longer the kind of force that it was in its heyday, which people do dispute was in the 1970s or the 1980s or whatever but the 21st century
  • Column : Imagined in Helsinki

    Wednesday 02 Nov '11Last month saw a Finnish nuclear power consortium make the world’s first announcement of a new site since the Fukushima disaster, which had persuaded many countries to reconsider their nuclear programmes.
  • Column : A galactic liftoff

    Thursday 20 Oct '11On July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin stepped out of Apollo 11 behind his mission commander Neil Armstrong and became the second man on the Moon.
  • There’s much muck around Anna

    Thursday 25 Aug '11When the Commonwealth Games’s official spokesman and Suresh Kalmadi’s trusted aide defended the dirty images of the games village that had created an international hue and cry by declaring that, “Everyone has different standards about cleanliness.
  • Lokpal 1, 2, 3

    Tuesday 23 Aug '11The GoI Bill gives the Lokpal powers to pursue all corruption cases against the PM after he has demitted the office, MPs, ministers, Group A officers, and officers of societies or trusts financed by government or through public funds.
  • It can’t all be like Coca-Cola

    Sunday 17 Jul '11We live in a world which is incalculably more complicated than ever before, which produces an astounding range of products, services and satisfactions.