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  • Getting to Know The Boss

    Sunday 12 Jan '14People-watching is an art for the modern workplace.
  • Column: What valuers ought to know

    Saturday 15 Jun '13Brand Kingfisher is still alive and valuable but it won’t be long before the memory fades
  • India Inc needs a strategy makeover

    Sunday 11 Mar '12EXCERPTS from Rama Bijapurkar’s new book highlight a framework for integrating customer centricity into business strategy
  • ‘CK, the teacher who taught us how to do things better, differently’

    Sunday 18 Apr '10CK was my teacher at IIM Ahmedabad, and remained my teacher ever after. I used to joke with him that I was like Eklavya, getting wisdom from his writings and speeches, shamelessly sponging off every nugget and dollop of wisdom that came my way from his direction.
  • How to read the consumption story

    Thursday 16 Jul '09Domestic consumption growth is what our hopes are pinned on now, in order to get the economy back on the fast growth track. The bet is that putting more money into the hands of aam aadmi, one way or another, and not making the rich feel bad by taxing them further, will make people spend more on consumption.
  • Column : Bharat buying

    Tuesday 30 Dec '08FMCGs have greater sales in terms of value from the bottom half of rural India than from the top half of urban India , and will be posting growth this quarter.
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  • Column : Problem isn’t consumer demand

    Wednesday 10 Dec '08The primary problem at this juncture is not the lack of consumer demand, but the lack of funds desperately needed by companies to stay afloat on a week to week basis. This, if not addressed soon, will cause corporate collapses, leading to job losses and business associates collapsing, leading to more job losses, and a shattered faith in the economy.