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  • Column: Tax twists in CSR spends

    Wednesday 05 Mar '14Suitable amendments to the I-T Act are necessary to avoid needless litigation
  • Reduction in land area requirement to be game changer for SEZs

    Tuesday 10 Sep '13SEZs, once a major attraction for investors, lost their sheen following economic slowdown, adverse tax changes.
  • Impetus on generating extra taxes to bridge deficit

    Saturday 02 Mar '13The Finance Minister presenting the Budget said a clarity on tax laws, a stable tax regime, non adversarial tax administration, fair mechanism for dispute resolution and an independent judiciary for greater assurance are the underlying themes of tax proposals.
  • Corporates can take a relook at their ‘acceptable’ tax planning

    Friday 11 May '12Amid the huge global outcry and debate by the corporate world, the finance minister has taken a step back and taken a decision to go for retroactive taxing of indirect transfer of shares and defer the implementation of General Anti Avoidance Rules provisions from April 2012 to April 2013.
  • Despite anti-MAT chorus, it should stay

    Friday 02 Mar '12In 1997, the argument for reintroducing minimum alternate tax in the direct tax system as a conducive tax collection vehicle was to make sure that companies which have huge profits and pay substantial dividends to shareholders but are not paying tax to the government because of various tax incentives/exemptions provided in the Income-Tax Act, 1961, pay a fixed percentage of book profit.
  • It’s Poem time for foreign companies in India

    Wednesday 29 Feb '12With multinationals spreading their arms across global frontiers, the concept of tax residency is gaining momentum and playing pivotal role in structuring their business models.
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  • Offshore transactions should not be a device to evade tax

    Tuesday 31 Jan '12January 20, 2012 can without a doubt be said to be the day when Vodafone Group emerged vindicated by the Supreme Court’s decision that to tax Vodafone in India would amount to imposing capital punishment for capital investment.