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  • Unpacking the Bihar story

    Thursday 03 Oct '13How the state has turned around under Nitish Kumar, and why it still needs help.
  • Now make it work

    Tuesday 20 Mar '12Pranab Mukherjee’s Budget speech had its share of frank confessions. No I am not referring to the quote from Hamlet.
  • A banking correspondent in Baisi

    Tuesday 20 Dec '11It was pure happenstance. Here I was, playing the reporter, accompanying the energetic DM of Purnea, Dr N Saravana Kumar, to the Baisi block—a 40-minute drive from Purnea town—trying to get a good story of the management of Samastipur floods of 2007 and the recent changes in Bihar
  • Column : The dynamics of corruption

    Friday 26 Aug '11As the Anna-Government battle wages on, and provides maximum grist for the political theatre in a long time, it is easy to lose sight of the central issue of how to best battle corruption behind the clash of personalities and the demands and counter-allegations.
  • Column: Hawkish on inflation, softish on growth

    Friday 17 Jun '11Governor Subbarao has dutifully lived up to the market consensus of delivering the 10th rate hike in 15 months—a 25-basis-point rise in the repo and reverse repo rates, bringing them to 7.5% and 6.5%, respectively.
  • Column : What Mamata can learn from Nitish

    Friday 13 May '11It looks like the change West Bengal is craving for is only a few hours away. But how fundamental will it be?
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  • Column : The secret of government banks

    Friday 01 Apr '11The crisis helped them strengthen their competitive position vis-à-vis their private sector rivals, channelled large capital infusions from the exchequer without a murmur and burnished their image as the keepers of the nation’s wealth.
  • Column : No stamp of approval just yet

    Monday 13 Sep '10There are about 6,38,000 rural settlements in India. The number of rural bank branches in India in March 2009 was just over 20,000. Close to 98% of India’s rural habitations do not have access to a bank.
  • Column : Should we really lose some sleep...

    Saturday 28 Aug '10The government’s recent disclosures in the Rajya Sabha about the participation and concentration in equity and derivatives markets at the NSE have created consternation in a section of the media. This, however, may be an over-reaction.
  • Column : RBI plays to the script, almost

    Wednesday 28 Jul '10The RBI rate change on Tuesday stuck to the consensus script. Well, almost. The market had widely accepted a 25...
  • Column: What are you paying your mutual fund?

    Tuesday 13 Jul '10How wary are Indian investors of figuring out what they pay in making their investments?
  • Column : It’s a battle for hearts and minds

    Saturday 26 Jun '10They say the blackest of the clouds have a silver lining. It is possible that the ongoing Maoist violence will finally focus the nation’s attention on how to deal with the tribals who constitute about 8% of India’s population.
  • Column : Mamata won, but who really lost?

    Monday 07 Jun '10The recently concluded civic polls in West Bengal have confirmed—if any further confirmation was necessary—that the tide has indeed turned in the state. The collapse of the Left has been more spectacular than expected.
  • Column : The mobility of labour is crucial

    Thursday 20 May '10Most statistics will give you double-digit estimates of India’s unemployment rate. Everyone will swear that even these are....
  • The great Indian farce

    Friday 30 Apr '10Going by the media attention—the present piece included—Lalit Modi’s ouster from the IPL is a national event of....
  • Column: The messy battle over Ulips

    Friday 16 Apr '10This was just waiting to happen. Really. While Sebi’s decision—unexpected in some quarters—to stop 14 major players from...
  • Column: Getting it right on infrastructure

    Friday 26 Mar '10The mid-term appraisal of the 11th Five Year Plan, as well as Tuesday’s conference on infrastructure organised by the...
  • Column: NMDC is priced just right

    Friday 12 Mar '10There seems to be a widespread belief that the NMDC FPO that opened on Wednesday, with bids for only 17% trickling....
  • Banking in for change with financial reforms regulator

    Saturday 27 Feb '10The budget has done well on the financial sector front. There is actually more in it in terms of major long-term policy announcements than just the bank licences or other immediate steps.
  • Indian banking’s salute to the geeks

    Tuesday 16 Feb '10It was a party with a difference. The evening of February 7 saw the sprawling grounds of Brabourne Stadium teeming with the who’s who of the financial world and the leading lights of...
  • Guv makes up his mind

    Monday 01 Feb '10Dr Subbarao’s dilemma on Friday could well have been one straight out of an undergraduate macro economics textbook—what to do when growth looks good but fragile while inflation...
  • Column: Influence from the ivory tower

    Friday 15 Jan '10In December 2008, at the height of the financial turmoil, the finance faculty at Stern produced a timely and useful collective document analysing the reasons behind the crisis..
  • Column : Still a long journey for railways

    Tuesday 29 Dec '09As China zooms into the record books with a train linking Wuhan and Guangzhou, over 1,000 km apart, in less than three hours, in India the much-vaunted Indian Railways transformation story of Lalu Yadav is being questioned by his successor Mamata Banerjee.
  • Column: The newest twist to Singur land

    Thursday 17 Dec '09If you thought the Singur land-for-industry saga has ended with the exit of the Tatas, well, think again.
  • Column: Don’t let turf battle hit trade

    Friday 27 Nov '09After a 3-year hiatus and armed with, among other things, the recommendations of two high-powered committees—the Percy Mistry committee and the Raghuram Rajan committee....