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  • Column: What the Brics bank must achieve

    Tuesday 15 Jul '14It must be responsive to the national development choices of its borrowing members
  • What next for climate change?

    Monday 07 Oct '13The serious manifestation of man-made climate change can only be solved by cost effective, reliable renewable energy technologies as well as emerging, safer nuclear technology
  • Investment failure is showing

    Wednesday 19 Sep '12The spectacular electricity grid failures in late July 2012 focused global attention on Indiaís infrastructure woes.
  • Whose credentials are greener?

    Saturday 23 Jun '12It is surprising but true that of the three most energy efficient cement plants in the world, two are from India.
  • Problem of petty corruption

    Thursday 30 Jun '11A former classmate, recently retired from the corporate sector, visited an income tax office in response to a summon. Armed with the necessary documents, he proceeded to argue the correctness of his income tax return with the concerned babu.
  • Column: Untangling urban transport

    Tuesday 24 May '11Urban traffic congestion is one of the major policy headaches of the city administration. Apart from loss of time and economic output, congested urban traffic is a primary contributor to poor air quality and high levels of respiratory diseases.
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  • Column : Natureís gift or curse?

    Thursday 31 Mar '11What is common to Naxalism, the 2G scam, fratricidal African wars, the Narmada controversies and the USís patronage of Pakistan for over six decades now? Each is driven by competition to appropriate one or more of natureís bounties.