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  • I Just Pinged to Say Hello

    Saturday 23 Nov '13A host of social networks find us more connected than ever before, but leave us groping for words in the digital space.
  • Internet produces pornography that is new, strange: Out of the Bedroom

    Monday 26 Aug '13We have shared it with our friends. We have watched it with our lovers...
  • It's Common Practice

    Sunday 12 May '13Technologies are no longer abstract. They’re habits.
  • A hitch-hiker’s guide to the digital galaxy

    Sunday 09 Dec '12Let us begin by acknowledging that when the world was learning how to drive on the information highway, Ben Hammersley was there, giving out instructions on how to do it best.
  • 20 2day

    Sunday 09 Dec '12SMS has lived a full life in the last two decades, from being a rarity to becoming ubiquitous to gently fading out. But it has changed the way we communicate forever .
  • Who’s that friend?

    Sunday 07 Oct '12If you are reading this, stand on your right foot and start hopping while waving your hands in the air and shouting, “I am crazy” at the top of your voice.
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  • Any Colour if it is Black

    Sunday 12 Aug '12One of the biggest moments of the London Olympics opening ceremony, for me, was seeing Tim Berners-Lee.
  • The Power of Plenty

    Sunday 05 Feb '12In the online world, the wisdom of the crowd helps create reliable information.