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  • The great rights debate

    Wednesday 07 Aug '13Policymakers should address the concerns on whether FSB is the best way to secure health and well-being of citizens
  • Making government work

    Friday 26 Jul '13Decentralisation and competition incentives can effect positive changes in the governmental machinery at the state and local level
  • A reform success story for India

    Monday 01 Jul '13GST will pave the way for reforms in income tax and property tax systems
  • India’s China puzzle

    Friday 31 May '13The recent visit to India by China’s new Premier, Li Keqiang, led to a statement of cooperation covering a wide array of topics,
  • Managing India’s manufacturing

    Monday 27 May '13In my last column, I suggested that the quality of management may be a critical stumbling block to increasing the size of India’s manufacturing sector.
  • Column: Getting to the 25% mark

    Thursday 16 May '13India’s manufacturing sector has played an unusual role in the national growth experience, compared to many other developing countries
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  • Need for a focused approach on water, energy and food issues

    Tuesday 14 May '13The conventional notion of national security refers to a country’s capability to defend itself against, or to deter, military aggression.
  • Rebuilding Punjab

    Thursday 11 Apr '13The state of Punjab in India represents an important case study of development gone awry. Partition in 1947, which wreaked havoc on the region, was followed by surprisingly rapid recovery and progress.
  • A view from Silicon Valley

    Thursday 21 Mar '13Silicon Valley, a short distance from where I teach, is aptly viewed as one of the most important symbols of India’s success.
  • Column: Betting on India

    Friday 08 Mar '13At my university, I help run a new initiative that focuses on finance, and we just hosted a visiting speaker, a prominent statistician known for some innovative algorithms for analysing data.
  • Current account deficit worries

    Wednesday 27 Feb '13A high CAD signals possible underlying problems such as poorly managed govt spending and taxes, high inflation, and a perception that govt policies are unfavourable for future growth.
  • Column : India’s inflation puzzle

    Thursday 14 Feb '13Monetary policy was too timid and economic management dysfunctional—there’s no real puzzle here.
  • Column : Obama and India

    Wednesday 30 Jan '13Obama’s political journey and his vision hold important lessons for India’s people, as they struggle for better governance.
  • Column: India in 2013: stemming the rot

    Thursday 17 Jan '13We need a relook at legislations that affect women, ranging from laws on rape to education, marriage and inheritance.
  • Column : Corporate virtue in India

    Friday 28 Dec '12In previous columns, I discussed the concept of virtuous growth, which encompasses inclusive growth.
  • Column : Is India’s growth story dead?

    Thursday 06 Dec '12India may chug along at 6-7% growth but the kind of transformation that double-digit growth can achieve is beyond our reach.
  • Column : The logic of retail FDI

    Saturday 01 Dec '12With multi-brand retail FDI finally set to be allowed in India, it is useful to reflect on what we know and don’t know.
  • Column : Inclusive growth in the US and India

    Friday 09 Nov '12Is policy design and implementation at the state or local level better than centralised decision-making?
  • Column: Signs of hope for India’s economy

    Tuesday 30 Oct '12States are exercising autonomy in competing for investment. That can be good for improving conditions for doing business.
  • Column : The virtues of tax reform

    Thursday 18 Oct '12A big problem in India is that individuals do not see the connection between the taxes they pay and the services govt provides.
  • Column : Creating virtuous growth

    Wednesday 19 Sep '12In my last column, I introduced the concept of virtuous growth, which subsumes the idea of inclusive growth.
  • Column : Virtuous growth for India

    Wednesday 12 Sep '12India’s ruling coalition has promoted the idea of inclusive growth. What this means operationally is something that can be debated.
  • Column : Towards a strategic foreign policy

    Wednesday 22 Aug '12India should seek a diversity of stronger economic ties—with the US, with China, with South Korea ...
  • Column : India’s global strategy

    Tuesday 14 Aug '12We need capital and knowledge from the rest of the world. But China is not a trustworthy source of either of these things.
  • Column : Demographic dividend or disaster?

    Thursday 26 Jul '12India’s demographic trends could lead to a dividend of higher growth, as the working age population bulges.