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  • Watch TV in a whole new way with ultra high-definition

    Monday 09 Dec '13A new technology takes image clarity on the idiot box to a whole new level with pixel resolution that’s four times greater than full high definition.
  • Google Inc makes women click with the web

    Monday 25 Nov '13Enterprising women have shown internet usage has brought them additional income, job.
  • Big movies, effects

    Friday 30 Aug '13Film makers are increasingly relying on computer-generated special effects to make their movies a visual treat and a box office hit
  • Big movies, big effects

    Monday 19 Aug '13Film makers are increasingly relying on computer-generated special effects to make their movies a visual treat and a box office hit
  • Be a smart traveller

    Monday 29 Jul '13There is no doubt that a smartphone outfitted with the latest travel apps is an indispensable tool for those planning a holiday.
  • What women do on the internet

    Monday 15 Jul '13Online and 75% are in the 15-34 age group, with over 24 million women accessing the internet daily.
  • Staying secure in a digital world

    Monday 27 May '13Bring your own device (BYOD), mobility, cloud computing and virtualisation might hold the promise to bring in increased enterprise productivity gains
  • “I am not surprised by the unexpected”

    Tuesday 21 May '13My work is always progress-in-motion because of the industry I am in.
  • Mobile is the new rage, is your security up-to-date?

    Monday 08 Apr '13India has fallen in love with mobile technology if the findings of two surveys by Symantec are to be believed.
  • Big deals are becoming less prevalent

    Monday 25 Feb '13A leader with vision has a clear, vivid picture of where to go, as well as a firm grasp on what success looks like and how to achieve it.
  • Marina Home launches India foray

    Thursday 27 Dec '12Leading home interior design company Marina Home has launched its India foray with the opening of the company's flagship store in New Delhi.
  • Tale of the unreal tiger

    Monday 24 Dec '12Every little detail of the recent blockbuster Life of Pi is artistically done by graphics, so much so the Bengal tiger is also graphically created, not real.
  • Healthcare bites the cloud pill

    Monday 03 Dec '12Technology is bringing about a fundamental change in the way healthcare is delivered.
  • Change policies to up the deployment of solar energy

    Monday 26 Nov '12Hard-hit by adverse market conditions in Europe and USA, Chinese solar companies are keen to bring investments into solar projects in emerging markets like India.
  • Focus on procurement policy, tech upgradation

    Friday 16 Sep '11Virbhadra Singh, Union minister of micro, small and medium enterprises, who assumed the office last January, is a happy man.
  • Alibaba.com to offer cloud-based tech in cellphones

    Friday 16 Sep '11Alibaba.com, the Chinese e-commerce conglomerate that connects manufacturers in China to international buyers, is all set to offer cloud-based technology in mobile phones.
  • 'Incubating people, not ideas'

    Friday 13 May '11HP Kumar, chairman-cum-managing director of National Small Industries Corporation Ltd, is passionate about creating self-employment opportunities for India's youth.
  • Serving the small at micro margins

    Monday 09 May '11These are exciting times at NSIC. If the company stopped a whisker short of the billion-dollar mark in FY10, it leaped past the benchmark in the just concluded year, clocking revenues of close to R7,700 crore. That left it with a net profit of R35 crore, a 45% jump, coming on top of a four-fold rise in earnings the year before.
  • 'Cisco SMB solutions are built ground-up'

    Thursday 31 Mar '11Cisco is focusing on the small and medium business in India with a new seamless communication programme that allows employees, customers and partners to connect anytime, anywhere, on any device.