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  • Abenomics to reflate Japan’s economy

    Monday 01 Apr '13In what would significantly enhance global liquidity, potentially impacting asset prices across emerging markets, Japan will embark on a major expansion of its central bank balance sheet in order to reflate the economy.
  • Column : India in Obama’s new Asia pivot

    Monday 12 Nov '12President Barack Obama’s second term is likely to put the US on a somewhat different ideological path, relative to the 20th century American capitalism one is so familiar with.
  • Column : Time for CAG to audit the states

    Wednesday 29 Aug '12The Opposition is quick to pounce on the Centre for lack of transparency, but few states follow the same rules.
  • German court will clear funds for euro zone, says Regling

    Thursday 23 Aug '12The chief executive officer of the European Financial Stability Fund Klaus Regling has expressed full confidence that the German Constitutional Court next month will clear the new funding programmes for the euro zone as the German people are in favour of further consolidation of the euro experiment, which has a long history.
  • Column : Making bureaucracy work

    Friday 03 Aug '12Since Chidambaram knows good tax administration is key, expect him to focus on DTC and GST.
  • German politics binds Merkel’s hands: Zoellick

    Monday 30 Jul '12Robert Zoellick, who successfully completed his tenure as World Bank president last month, says the euro zone has entered “a very fragile period” and Chancellor Angela Merkel’s freedom for manoeuvre is shrinking as the German constitutional court has stepped in to scrutinise closely the expansion of various funding mechanisms to stabilise the euro zone.
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  • Column : Case for a 75 basis points’ cut

    Friday 08 Jun '12Manufacturing is hurting and RBI could be on its way to achieving the inflation target of 6.5% for 2012-13.
  • From Westphalia, with love

    Friday 18 May '12The current spell of currency volatility across several emerging market economies is clearly on account of the manner in which politics is unfolding in the euro area.
  • The middle path on interest rates

    Tuesday 17 Apr '12Conducting monetary policy in a complex global economic environment could be bit like resorting to astrology as a means of predicting outcomes.
  • Proposals for fiscal consolidation realistic

    Monday 26 Mar '12C Rangarajan, chairman of the Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council, said Budget proposals for fiscal consolidation are realistic as they are based on the implicit assumption that fuel pricing will be revamped during the course of the next fiscal.
  • The Budget’s oil slick

    Monday 19 Mar '12Prime Minister Manmohan Singh spoke just after the presentation of the Union Budget and suggested the government would “bite the bullet” while dealing with the burgeoning oil subsidies, the single biggest political economy question facing the UPA today.
  • Column : Will Congress pass budget test?

    Monday 12 Mar '12Putting together a Third Front not so easy as, historically, it has always been the Left that has been the lynchpin in forming the Front...
  • Column: UP in the air

    Tuesday 21 Feb '12The ongoing assembly election in the country’s most populous state, Uttar Pradesh, is being watched and analysed intensely because of its profound impact on the politics at the Centre.
  • Column : Dialling a new beginning

    Tuesday 07 Feb '12The special court examining the criminal conspiracy around the 2G spectrum allocation gave a clean chit to P Chidambaram saying he had absolutely no role to play in the manner in which A Raja subverted the telecom licensing process.
  • Column: Lots of silver linings out there

    Thursday 26 Jan '12With FIIs and the Sensex back with a bang and a possible post-UP elections reforms surge, 2012 looks better.
  • States focussed on creating jobs, not assets, in NREGA

    Monday 23 Jan '12As member of the National Advisory Council, NC Saxena has been instrumental in giving inputs to key legislation on national rural development, land acquisition and food security.
  • Column : Back to the golden past

    Monday 16 Jan '12There has been an unprecedented surge of gold imports into both India and China in 2011 and this is likely to continue in the future.
  • Growth need not fuel inflation; RBI could now start easing

    Monday 09 Jan '12Prime minister’s Economic Advisory Council chairman C Rangarajan feels the Reserve Bank of India could now look at easing monetary policy.
  • Column : Rise and fall of Anna Hazare

    Friday 30 Dec '11Anna Hazare’s transformation—from a social activist with considerable moral force to being a catalyst in the rough and tumble of India’s party politics—was nearly complete when he tragically declared before the thinning crowds at Mumbai’s MMRDA grounds that Team Anna will campaign against the Congress party in the forthcoming assembly elections as well as in the run up to the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.
  • Column:Global currency, local politics

    Wednesday 07 Dec '11The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has sent a very strong signal to the foreign exchange market that it is ready to deploy every tool in the book to defend the rupee if it sees a short-term risk of “accelerated downward spiral in the rupee’s exchange rate”.
  • Column : Good competitive politics

    Tuesday 22 Nov '11India’s political economy is currently witnessing two parallel trajectories that may seem disruptive on the face of it but have the potential to take us to a new state of institutional equilibrium.
  • Column: Flight into disaster

    Thursday 17 Nov '11The financial woes of Kingfisher Airlines have grabbed media headlines these past few days.
  • Column : Reinventing the Congress party

    Tuesday 08 Nov '11It is nearly official now that Rahul Gandhi will take over as the working president of the Congress party in a few months. Some media reports say this change of guard could take place earlier than many expect.
  • Column : Is RBI just an inflation-targeter?

    Thursday 20 Oct '11Central bankers in many big emerging market economies have suddenly shifted their focus from aggressively attacking inflation to creating conditions for growth.
  • Column : UPA continues to score self-goals

    Tuesday 04 Oct '11The political drama, entirely manufactured by the UPA government, over the inter-ministerial “background paper” on the 2G issue is refusing to die down.