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  • More than the sum of its runs

    Monday 30 Dec '13For the Test to fulfil its potential for great cricket, teams must be given more time to prepare.
  • Column: The Sachin test

    Monday 18 Nov '13As he leaves cricket in a blaze of clichés and laurels, a revelation of the game today as it is
  • Sachin's next innings

    Friday 11 Oct '13After a great playing career, he still has some dues to pay to cricket.
  • The power of negative voting

    Saturday 28 Sep '13'None of the above' could introduce new ways of gaming ballot and bring about surprising outcomes.
  • Jhumpa Lahiri: League of Her Own

    Sunday 15 Sep '13The magnificent sweep of her new novel, The Lowland, positions Jhumpa Lahiri as a yardstick unto herself
  • Poles Apart

    Sunday 20 Jan '13While the Antarctic provides a vision of a better world, the Arctic is where our past and our present are catching up with us.
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  • A walk to remember

    Sunday 23 Dec '12Another year is coming to an end, and it is a time to wander — to plan journeys that are, that can be or even those that are intended to be undertaken while sitting still in our armchairs.
  • Why can’t India bear to lose?

    Tuesday 11 Dec '12We persist in viewing international cricket as a contest between 11 Indians and a wall
  • A rousing context

    Tuesday 24 Jan '12Cricket desperately needs the romance Sachin bountifully offers