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  • Muzaffarnagar political riots

    Sunday 06 Oct '13Fast forward 38 years and we have a politically engineered riot.
  • The idea of India

    Sunday 22 Sep '13This idea of a secular, democratic, left-of-centre polity was very much the brainchild of Jawaharlal Nehru.
  • Column: We all fall down

    Monday 02 Sep '13The problems of indebtedness that plagued developed economies have been transferred to emerging ones
  • The Hindu rate of backwardness

    Sunday 28 Jul '13In the 1959 film Anari, there is a scene where the simpleton-hero played by Raj Kapoor is working in a restaurant kitchen.
  • Column: The Maggie-Deng revolution

    Monday 15 Apr '13The recent demise of Margaret Thatcher has brought forth a flood of tributes.
  • FE Column : Normal business

    Monday 18 Jun '12We are at a cusp. It may be that the Congress plan for Pranab Mukherjee will succeed and the UPA-II will lose its most hard-working minister.
  • Column : Political diseconomy

    Monday 04 Jun '12The latest figures for GDP growth should not come as surprise to anyone. It was clear at the time of the Budget that political compulsions on the UPA were preoccupying the FM’s mind. He said so himself.
  • Column : The crisis continues

    Monday 25 Oct '10The UK economy has just had a strong purgative delivered to it by Chancellor George Osborne. He has put forward a plan to cut the budget deficit, around 11% of GDP down to zero within one parliament.
  • FE COLUMN: Dismal signs in today’s dismal science

    Saturday 25 Jul '09The financial crisis and the real economy recession have now been with us for months. Tremendous mountains of asset values have been wiped out.
  • Column Striking out economic growth?

    Monday 25 Aug '08There was a strike on Wednesday. I gather the worst hit states were the Left governed ones. So this is a sort of political self-mutilation. I suspect the parties in power are chalking that up as a triumph and will trumpet it at their next meeting.
  • Column A cliff hanger

    Monday 28 Jul '08George Soros has said this is the most serious crisis since 1929. He may be right or he may have merely shorted the market and is hoping his prophecy will yield profits. In 1929, the stock market crash did not immediately bring depression. It took the next four years for the full shock to be felt.