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  • Column: India needs a new economic policy

    Monday 30 Jun '14Make economic policies market-oriented. Start with junking subsidies and PSU divestment
  • Column: An unsafe world

    Monday 16 Jun '14A stable Pakistan is in India’s best interest if it is to remain insulated from the turmoil in the Arab world
  • Column: Will Europe stay united?

    Monday 02 Jun '14The EU needs to decide whether it will be a full-fledged federation or become a loosely united confederation
  • Column: Tackling inflation politically

    Monday 26 May '14The prices that matter politically are those that people encounter in their daily purchases
  • Revolution or renaissance?

    Sunday 25 May '14Think of the election results not as a revolution or a futuristic event, but more as a renaissance — a rebirth, a restoration.
  • Narendra Modi: Transition times

    Sunday 18 May '14It is within possibility that Narendra Modi may transform the nature of Indian politics, for the better and not for the worse as liberals fear.
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