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  • Column: Stop pandering to just 5% of the workers

    Friday 07 Feb '14It is economic insanity to try and fill a hole in the exisiting pension scheme by digging a bigger one
  • A more adventurous state

    Thursday 07 Nov '13We need to rethink our accountability frameworks to let political leaders, bureaucrats and entrepreneurs think boldly and creatively
  • Clients versus hostages

    Wednesday 24 Jul '13The less than 50% claims ratio of the govt-run but employer-funded health insurance scheme is monopolistic
  • The difficulty of being good

    Monday 29 Apr '13ICICI and HDFC are wonderful institutions with strong cultures of performance and ethics.
  • Column : Re-imagining trade unions

    Friday 22 Feb '13Mindless strikes accelerate trade unions’ decline. They should focus on skills, formal employment, benefits & job creation.
  • Column : Jobs, economics and self-esteem

    Saturday 08 Dec '12Many of the arguments against foreign investment in retail in Parliament were fuelled by fear, self-interest and economic illiteracy.
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  • Column: Don’t give up on employment exchanges

    Monday 29 Oct '12The 1971 surrender by General AA Niazi of Bangladesh with 93,000 soldiers to Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Aurora has been a perennial source of national shame in Pakistan.
  • End the age of apartheid

    Wednesday 03 Oct '12India’s labour laws wrongly choose the old over the young. But Section 25G of the Industrial Disputes Act is particularly toxic.
  • Corruption is not cultural

    Thursday 13 Sep '12The notion that some cultures are more corrupt is soft bigotry masquerading as cultural understanding.
  • Column : Sebi gets it right on consent orders

    Tuesday 29 May '12Proposes to link consent amounts with the nature and size of the violation; shows it has learnt from previous errors.
  • Column : World’s most expensive fund

    Thursday 05 Apr '12At 446 bps, the EPFO charges 10-20 times what anyone else does, and for doing so little. Because it’s a monopoly.
  • Column : Poetry versus plumbing

    Friday 30 Mar '12Akhilesh Yadav’s employment exchange revival plan costs R2,000cr/yr. There is a less leaky R200cr option.
  • Column: Go on, get a vocation!

    Tuesday 14 Feb '12One of the biggest tragedies in Indian higher education is the partition in the cerebral cortex of Indian parents when they think of their kids’ educational activity; they send their kids to vocational institutes for jobs/skills and send them to colleges for the social signalling value of a degree.
  • Will paying off Sonu Gujjar help Maruti?

    Friday 11 Nov '11Since it has been seen as trade-union busting, it will probably make industry-labour relations a bit more acrimonious. It remains true, however, that unions represent just a small labour aristocracy and inflexible laws lower formal employment.
  • Column : The road from Gurgaon to Kolkata

    Friday 21 Oct '11Over the last few years, a few economists and policymakers have begun to say that labour laws don’t matter for job creation because entrepreneurs have figured out how to deal with them.
  • A for angrezi, B for bachcha

    Wednesday 02 Mar '11At a recent job fair in Rajasthan I met a candidate with a Bachelor’s degree in English who kept shoving his degree in my face but kept talking to me in Hindi.
  • Column : Who will pay?

    Tuesday 01 Feb '11Delhi University meets only 4% of its revenue from student fees. The Right to Education Act needs an incremental Rs 40,000 crore commitment from state governments.
  • Column : Flat since 1991

    Monday 03 Jan '11The only economic or social variable that has not moved since 1991 in India is our 93% informal employment in the informal sector.
  • Column : Build a safety net, not a hammock

    Wednesday 17 Nov '10Demands for the 100-day job under NREGS to pay minimum wages have revived with the National Advisory Council’s letter to the Prime Minister supporting earlier letters from the chief ministers of Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan.
  • Column : Meritocracy vs aristocracy

    Saturday 16 Oct '10The most important decision a child in India makes is to choose his/her parents wisely. Having parents who speak English, live in a city, work in the organised sector, went to college, and kept you healthy gives you an opening balance that pretty much ensures a good life.
  • Column : Betraying trust

    Thursday 23 Sep '10Despite his recent bail, Ramalinga Raju of Satyam has learnt the hard way that those who ride tigers end up inside them. But the hole he created—about Rs 10,000 crore—is small relative to the Rs 50,000 crore deficit in the Employee Pension Scheme created by the trustees of the Employees Provident Fund Organisation.
  • Column : We need all the schools we can get

    Thursday 26 Aug '10I wish all government teachers came to school every day. I wish district collectors would stop requisitioning government teachers for other work. I wish we could create a fear of falling and hope of rising among government teachers. I wish state governments would release money to schools in tune with the academic calendar.
  • Column : Getting state intervention wrong

    Monday 12 Jul '10It is the season of rights in Indian public policy. The Right to Education—a piece of legislation that essentially nationalises 25% of private school capacity—will soon be joined by the Right to Food.
  • Column : MCI scandal & education reform

    Tuesday 18 May '10The dissolution of the Medical Council of India by the government, after the arrest of its chief, sounds like an....
  • Column : Why quantity is important in education

    Friday 23 Apr '10A few recent moves in education public policy, though driven by honourable intentions, don’t recognise how quantity leads to quality.