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  • Budget aims to re-ignite manufacturing

    Friday 01 Mar '13The finance minister kept his promise to curtail the fiscal deficit in spite of the failure in auctioning 2G spectrum and the ballooning of the subsidy bill from R1.9 trillion to Rs 2.6 trillion.
  • Column : Prowess of India’s CapEx

    Saturday 17 Mar '12Fiscal 2011-12 has been a very disappointing year for investments.
  • Column : Pipeline to heaven

    Saturday 31 Dec '11The announcement of fresh investment proposals fell sharply during 2011.
  • Where have all the investments gone?

    Tuesday 03 May '11The average value of new investments in the past three quarters is nearly half the average in the preceding three quarters.
  • Column : Good for India Inc, good for India

    Tuesday 01 Mar '11Corporate India has been optimistic on India’s growth prospects. A recent pre-Budget survey of 127 CEOs/CFOs conducted for Bloomberg UTV showed that 74% of them are more confident this year than in the previous year, 61% will expand capacities, 68% will hire more this year and more than 80% will invest this year.
  • Column : More than simple turf wars

    Tuesday 17 Aug '10Both the houses of Parliament have passed the Securities and Insurance Laws (Amendment and Validation) Bill, 2010.
  • Column : Investment continues to boom

    Saturday 31 Jul '10The latest data from CMIE’s CapEx database indicates that investments into fresh capacities continue to boom. During the quarter ended June 2010, the CapEx database recorded 900 new project announcements to invest Rs 5.8 lakh crore.
  • Aam aadmi’s regulator

    Monday 26 Jul '10The Securities and Exchange Board of India has been hauled to court by the MCX-SX that has accused the former....
  • Column : Consumers should get more credit

    Tuesday 06 Jul '10RBI raised short-term interest rates by 25 basis points. Most bankers reported that this will not impact lending rates. HDFC Bank dropped interest rates on home loans the same day. While this may be unrelated to RBI’s action, it is a reflection of the ineffectiveness of RBI’s action.
  • Column : Why rate hikes now won’t help

    Tuesday 22 Jun '10Inflation as measured by the consumer price index for industrial workers has been in double digits since July 2009.
  • The future is in cities

    Tuesday 01 Jun '10Greater urbanisation should be a specific objective of public policy. While more than half of India continues to live in the villages, there is nothing worth even romanticising about rural India any more.
  • Column : Still leaning on the side of growth

    Thursday 22 Apr '10The token measures taken by RBI in its monetary policy statement acknowledged the concerns of the economists at investment banking firms and yet left the economy free of...
  • Column: Are Indians ready to own equity shares?

    Wednesday 07 Apr '10The focus of the UPA government on the aam aadmi is a significant break from the NDA’s ‘India Shining’ story.
  • Column: Investment story is still intact

    Monday 22 Mar '10The official IIP has been on a roll in recent months. The year-on-year growth rates were close to 17% in December 2009....
  • Column: What next for the fiscal stimulus?

    Friday 05 Mar '10How much of the fiscal stimulus did the Union Budget roll back? The government has indicated that the rollback will be in stages as the economy returns to a more sustained...
  • Column: Reanalysing growth in 2008-09

    Thursday 18 Feb '10The Central Statistical Organisation released the Quick Estimates of National Accounts for 2008-09 and simultaneously moved the base year for inflation-adjusted....
  • Column: The earnings are for real this quarter

    Monday 25 Jan '10Indian corporates are expected to announce good financial results for the quarter ended December 2009. Earnings growth rates have accelerated during 2009.
  • Column: Let us not waste a good crisis

    Wednesday 16 Dec '09K Chandrasekhara Rao’s successful showdown on the issue of a separate state of Telangana has raised concerns over similar demands cropping up to create separate states of....
  • Column: End policy uncertainty on inflows

    Thursday 10 Dec '09A question that the extraordinary growth of 7.9% in the second quarter raises is whether this will lead to a surge in capital inflows that will bring with it its own set of policy....