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  • Way to grow

    Sunday 13 Jul '14Worthless, Impossible and Stupid is not a ‘how-to’ book but presents out-of-the-box ideas to approach business-building
  • No new facts, but abundant caution signalled

    Thursday 10 Jul '14The Economic Survey, as a document, is supposed to be a round-up of all economic activity in the previous year with a prognosis of the state of things to come
  • Column: Govt action offers little succour

    Thursday 10 Jul '14The need is to take a more open view on private and foreign investment in agriculture
  • Corporate rat race

    Saturday 05 Jul '14While everyone wants to be ahead in the quest for power, money and recognition, there are strong tradeoffs along the way, A Bigger Prize reveals
  • Power of partnership

    Sunday 22 Jun '14Simply Rich: A Memoir, the story of Amway written by one of its co-founders Rich DeVos, may not be inspirational, but says a lot about a unique and successful business model
  • Column: Need a specific action plan for reforms

    Tuesday 10 Jun '14To meet the goals outlined in the President’s speech, the government has to consider measures to revive growth
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  • CEO chronicles

    Sunday 08 Jun '14How I Did It is a good collection of essays written by corporate honchos, who talk about the challenges they faced and how they surmounted them
  • Does futures trading push up food prices?

    Tuesday 03 Jun '14Concerns over commodities’ futures trading pushing up prices are misplaced. There is little evidence of this and the need is to utilise futures trading indications for taking policy decisions
  • Column: Tough trade-offs in inflation control

    Monday 02 Jun '14Focusing on fiscal spending or interest rate policy may not be suited to bringing down inflation
  • Piketty in India

    Thursday 29 May '14A capitalism-led crisis in India seems unlikely
  • A head start

    Sunday 11 May '14It’s possible to start one’s business in less than 90 days, says this new book full of practical wisdom
  • Inside Virgin territory

    Sunday 04 May '14Branson Behind the Mask is bold and takes on the flamboyant British business magnate with flourish
  • Modi-fied for polls: Propaganda or statement of facts

    Sunday 27 Apr '14Propaganda or statement of facts? The writing style is the decisive factor here.
  • For the love of finance

    Sunday 20 Apr '14Dominant Finance and Stagnant Economies, which puts in perspective the state of finance in the world today, is pragmatic, unbiased and hard-hitting
  • The state within

    Sunday 13 Apr '14A timely book, Good Governance is an eye-opener for those who may have preferences for different political parties on governance issues
  • Trait forward

    Sunday 06 Apr '14What makes certain groups successful? Authors of The Triple Package identify three characteristics that they say drive people ahead
  • Column: How we performed in FY14

    Friday 04 Apr '14The biggest hit was meeting the CAD target while the misses include slowing manufacturing and capital formation
  • Give some, take some

    Sunday 23 Mar '14With the Internet becoming almost a household appliance today, businesses need to dole out a lot of things free to stay on top
  • Column: Keep the markets guessing

    Saturday 22 Mar '14Given RBI’s predilection for surprising the markets, lowering rates at this time would be a pleasant surprise
  • Breaking (s)even

    Sunday 16 Mar '147 Dreams to Reality shares the narratives of seven enterprises, which brought about a change in the way manufacturing is done in India
  • Column: Getting a grip on NPAs

    Friday 28 Feb '14While banks need to improve loan evaluation, RBI can link dividend payout to lowered NPAs
  • Chaos theory

    Sunday 23 Feb '14The Downfall of Money draws parallels between Germany of the 1920s and its EU peers today, focusing mainly on the economic issues plaguing the country around World War I
  • Column: Some myths about India’s fiscal numbers

    Thursday 20 Feb '14India ranks better than other EMEs in terms of tax burden, government expenditure and debt-to-GDP ratios
  • Column: Disturbing datasets

    Saturday 08 Feb '14Growth data revisions make policy-decisions based on old data questionable
  • Corporate checklist

    Sunday 02 Feb '14Boards That Lead espouses the importance of directors in a company, discussing what they ought to do to make a difference