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  • Column: It’s the rupee again

    Friday 07 Jun '13The issue with the fall of the rupee is that we are ourselves not sure of how RBI will behave
  • Column : Can we work from the revenue side?

    Saturday 10 Mar '12Government needs to start with the likely revenues, and then move on to allocate expenditure accordingly
  • Column: Why not MFI banks?

    Friday 02 Mar '12Are there alternative ways of addressing the MFI issue, considering that the new proposed guidelines for priority sector lending earmark 9% of credit for this segment?
  • Column: Testing times for the regulator

    Tuesday 21 Feb '12The MCX IPO is an important development not just because it will be one of the bigger ones that will hopefully lift the market but also because it spurs debate on the public issue of a company that comes under what is called financial infrastructure.
  • Column : Let’s get our data right first

    Friday 10 Feb '12In a lighter manner, it is said that published data is as whimsical as forecasts made by a plethora of experts and organisations, including several government arms.
  • Column : No surprise on GDP, but ...

    Wednesday 08 Feb '12At 6.9%, the advance estimate of GDP for FY12 is not really a surprise, since we have sequentially lowered the number from 9% in February 2011 at the time of the Budget to 7% in the last RBI outlook.
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  • Column : Forget the fiscal deficit

    Thursday 19 Jan '12When there is limited hope and an air of despondency clouds the future prospects of any economy, it is only appropriate that we go back to the textbook for an answer.
  • An uncertain banking scenario

    Friday 30 Dec '11The current year has been quite a disappointment for the banking sector.
  • A look back at 2011

    Tuesday 27 Dec '11The Billboard for the year will have no surprises with Adele, Bruno Mars, Eminem, Rihana, Beyonce, Coldplay and company taking the honours.
  • Column : Securing food security

    Thursday 22 Dec '11In a country like India, the state of human deprivation is high.
  • Column: A bit of hope, a bit of despair

    Saturday 10 Dec '11The Indian economy presents a collage of contradictions. At the forefront is dissatisfaction at the status quo in reforms notwithstanding the government’s attempts to make things move.
  • Column: Inflated incomes, growth and inflation

    Friday 09 Dec '11There is a new dimension to the inflation conundrum. A thought that comes to mind is whether higher prices have also been driven by higher incomes.
  • Column: Yehi hai right choice!

    Monday 28 Nov '11If organised retail is acceptable and adds value to the food chain by delivering superior results through better logistics, shopping experiences and prices, then getting in FDI is really no different.
  • Column: What RBI can do on the rupee

    Thursday 24 Nov '11The rupee was in a remarkable state of somnolence for quite some time until August, but September has turned out to be the turning point.
  • Column : Don’t rubbish the poverty criterion

    Saturday 22 Oct '11Government bashing is easy because every action of it can be questioned as there are multiple ways of looking at issues.
  • Column : Sargent, Sims and RBI

    Wednesday 12 Oct '11It has become almost a fashion that the Nobel Prize winners get their reward long after they have made their contribution.
  • Column : Let’s not be overawed ...

    Wednesday 05 Oct '11That the fiscal deficit was going to be exceeded was a foregone inevitability once the government reduced duties on oil products a few months ago, which would result in a fall of around R50,000 crore in tax revenue.
  • RBI must intervene

    Tuesday 27 Sep '11The stock market is known for its inherent volatility and, since July 1, has shown annualised volatility of 22% as against 8% in the forex market.
  • The lay of the land

    Thursday 15 Sep '11Conventional economic theory talks of four factors of production—land, labour, capital and enterprise—that are required for growth. To this has been added technology, while the more fertile minds have appended others, like human capital.
  • Why do we want more banks?

    Wednesday 31 Aug '11RBI’s revised draft guidelines for new banks are a step towards the latter’s final fructification though there is a rider that the Banking Regulation Act has to be amended for the same. We will have to wait beyond October.
  • Column : American crisis, Asian concerns

    Wednesday 24 Aug '11The protests by Anna Hazare come at a time when the world economy is also battling a credibility issue, with a global slowdown being conjectured for the current year.
  • Column : Comforting if the ‘ifs’ hold

    Saturday 06 Aug '11One issue which has been a matter of conjecture even more than whether or not Lady Gaga performs in Mumbai is the true state of the economy.
  • Column : Their debt, our woes

    Saturday 30 Jul '11The Greek tragedy, which turned out to be quite a farce, is not an isolated instance of distortion in the financial markets.
  • Column: Are T-bill futures a good idea?

    Monday 11 Jul '11Futures on 91-days’ T-bill is an interesting development, considering that there is scepticism attached to money market derivatives, given the lacklustre response to the IRFs twice over.
  • Column: We don’t need entry loads

    Monday 04 Jul '11Do we need intermediaries to run our financial lives? This is an important question because we tend to normally spurn them in, say, agriculture, where they add to transaction costs—in horticulture, they account for 65-70% of the final consumer price.