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  • Column : Grey hair’s back in fashion

    Saturday 27 Aug '11What is the ideal age group for CEOs in Indian firms? The days of managers in their 40s taking over the CEO positions are getting shorter and shareholders and corporate boards are increasingly looking at hiring more CEOs in the 50- to 55-year age group.
  • Column : The search for an heir

    Friday 19 Aug '11If one leaves out the smooth CEO succession at ICICI a couple of years ago, we notice that family-run businesses are being more proactive in planning CEO successions when compared to the professionally managed ones.
  • Column: When the tide goes out ...

    Tuesday 19 Jul '11According to a new book by my friend and co-author, Viral Acharya, and his colleagues, at the Stern School of Business, New York University, Guaranteed to Fail: Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and the Debacle of Mortgage Finance, the role of government-sponsored enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, in precipitating the financial crisis of 2008 deserves special attention.
  • Column: The global rush to privatise

    Monday 11 Jul '11In October last year, the central government sold its stake in Coal India in the largest IPO ever in India.
  • Column: Unlucky PSBs, some lucky farmers

    Friday 01 Jul '11While it has been known for long that politicians exploit the state machinery for their narrow political gains, for the first time, we have systematic evidence informing us of such misuse.
  • Column: Banking lessons from Canada

    Monday 27 Jun '11In his Budget speech in July 2009, the finance minister had labelled bank nationalisation as visionary and revolutionary since, according to him, bank nationalisation ensured that India did not suffer from the financial crisis like the other parts of the world.
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  • Column : When in doubt, stay out

    Wednesday 11 May '11As Indian capital markets have increasingly looked to attract foreign investors, capital from abroad has become an important source of financing for local Indian firms.
  • More pain, less gain

    Monday 31 Jan '11The recent increase in interest rates by the Reserve Bank of India presents a cause for serious concern since rising interest rates are likely to slow down corporate investment.
  • Column : The Irish question

    Thursday 06 Jan '11What cost does a national government pay when it bails out its banks? Can the cost of a bank bailout be so humungous as to imperil the sovereign’s credit standing itself?
  • Chronicle of a divorce foretold

    Friday 24 Dec '10Of the 25 major JVs in India between 1993-2003, 3 survived in 2005—even that seemed too high.
  • Column : Micro finance, macro objectives

    Wednesday 10 Nov '10Sample some data on the microfinance performance in India: According to the data provided by www.mixmarket.org, microfinance in India reached close to 270 lakh active borrowers in 2009, with the average loan size close to Rs 8,000.
  • The Nobel and naukri.com

    Wednesday 13 Oct '10The Prize-winning economists helped explain the macro effects of looking for a new job
  • Improving Haryana's land acquisition model

    Monday 11 Oct '10We had earlier argued that land acquisition transactions between farmers and private parties suffer from “asymmetric information,” i.e., the private party having better information about the value of growth opportunities from land.
  • Even the Haryana land model is flawed

    Friday 08 Oct '10The central government is proposing to adopt the famous Haryana model for compensating displaced people whose land is acquired for big industrial projects.
  • Give us a bloat - II

    Friday 30 Jul '10We need more financial innovation in India and not less. It is now well recognised in economic literature that innovation...
  • Give us a bloat - I

    Thursday 29 Jul '10Taking cues from the undergoing efforts in the US and Europe to curb compensation in the financial sector, Reserve Bank of...
  • High-five the future-II

    Friday 23 Jul '10Thinking about ideas and recipes changes how one thinks about economic policy. A traditional explanation for the...
  • High-five the future-I

    Thursday 22 Jul '10The new Protection and Utilisation of Publicly Funded Intellectual Property Bill, which is to be reintroduced in the...
  • Curbing corruption

    Tuesday 22 Jun '10Corruption is a significant problem in India and much of the developing world. The inefficiencies engendered by corruption can be a significant drain on local development.
  • How central banks communicate - II

    Thursday 17 Jun '10Communication contributes to the effectiveness of monetary policy by creating genuine news (e.g., by moving short-term...
  • How central banks communicate - I

    Wednesday 16 Jun '10Prior to the 1990s, central banks across the world were shrouded in mystery—and believed they should be.
  • Column : How to fix global finance

    Wednesday 26 May '10Central to the global meltdown were the financial industry’s distorted incentives, which caused bankers and investors to....
  • Column : What Apple says about innovation

    Thursday 22 Apr '10For a company that looked doomed a decade ago, it has been quite a comeback. Today, Apple is an iconic company.
  • Column: When an FI is too big to fail

    Thursday 08 Apr '10If there is one lesson to be learnt from the subprime financial crisis, it is that large financial institutions...
  • Column: Competition leads to better education

    Tuesday 30 Mar '10The Union Cabinet recently approved the bill to allow foreign universities to set up campuses in India. Many foreign universities...