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  • Column : Did the earth move for you?

    Friday 24 Dec '10WikiLeaks was supposed to change the world. The pundits said that diplomacy and the media would never be the same again, and knee-jerk anti-Americans hoped that the superpower would be humbled.
  • Not just a military matter

    Tuesday 02 Nov '10The global balance of power is slowly but surely shifting. America decided, earlier this year, to put its fiscal interests ahead of continuing the war in Afghanistan.
  • A double-edged sword

    Friday 15 Oct '10In Obama’s Wars, Bob Woodward discloses that America’s ambassador to Afghanistan believes that Hamid Karzai is a manic depressive who is “on and off his meds”.
  • Dragon’s on the prowl

    Friday 10 Sep '10China has denied claims that troops from its People’s Liberation Army have been sent to Gilgit and Baltistan to build highways and other infrastructure.
  • Battling a deluge

    Thursday 19 Aug '10Pakistan is facing a crisis of major proportions. One-fifth of the country is now under water and two million people have been forced from their homes.
  • One for Turkey, and one for you

    Friday 06 Aug '10The repercussions of David Cameron’s recent statement in Bangalore that Pakistan is “allowed to look both ways”...
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  • All the murkiness of Af-Pak

    Monday 19 Jul '10Pakistan’s activities in Afghanistan have been making headlines again.
  • Column : Can India-UK have a special relationship?

    Friday 28 May '10The UK’s new coalition government has promised to cultivate an ‘enhanced relationship’ with India. The idea is not a new...
  • Column : Tax evasion and the crisis in Greece

    Saturday 15 May '10Much of the comment on Greece’s problems has focused on debt and spending. It is true that Greece’s use of short-term borrowing to support a bloated civil service, overgenerous pensions and reckless infrastructure expenditure has been the most immediate cause of it’s problems.
  • Right state of mind

    Wednesday 14 Apr '10Rights are on the agenda in Indian politics today. Every child in India between the ages of six and fourteen now has the...
  • Demographics, sweet and sour

    Friday 26 Mar '10The Foreign Educational Institution Bill is running into strong opposition due to complaints about foreign influence and the...
  • In addition to reservation

    Friday 12 Mar '10The Rajya Sabha passed the Women’s Reservation Bill amid some of the most shameful scenes in India’s parliamentary history.
  • Why India must talk to Pakistan

    Thursday 25 Feb '10For many the recent blast in Pune created a stark choice between negotiating with Pakistan and taking a hard line on terrorism, but a new round of talks is beginning nonetheless.
  • Migration makes Mumbai prosper

    Thursday 04 Feb '10The Shiv Sena’s latest attempt to stir up sentiment in favour of ‘Mumbai for Marathis’ has stirred up many predictable reactions as well as a few surprises.
  • Column: Basic truth about clean energy

    Saturday 23 Jan '10This weekend, environment ministers from the BASIC countries will meet in New Delhi to try to seize the lead on climate issues.
  • How Nepal sums up the India-China story

    Friday 08 Jan '10India or China? Guessing which country is most likely to become the economic powerhouse of the twenty-first century is all the rage these days.
  • Getting representation right

    Wednesday 23 Dec '09With its appointment of new party and House leaders, the BJP appears to have joined the rush to put ‘Generation Next’ at the forefront of Indian politics.
  • Column: Change the rules of climate game

    Friday 11 Dec '09The climate negotiations at Copenhagen have only just started, but already the recriminations have begun.
  • Connecting Mumbai and Kabul

    Thursday 26 Nov '09One year has passed since the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai. The physical and emotional scars left by those four days have yet to heal, and investigations look set to continue for some time to come.
  • Column: How the BJP can get it right

    Saturday 14 Nov '09The BJP has spent the past year lurching from crisis to crisis. What has really been at issue is a stark political choice: whether the BJP is content to remain the party of the Hindu right that a section of its supporters would like it to be....
  • 1984 - why we must keep on asking questions

    Friday 30 Oct '09Twenty-five years ago this week, India lost a prime minister—and thousands of Sikhs were killed in pre-meditated violence in Delhi, Kanpur and other cities across much of the North.