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  • Futures markets have a lot to expect from the Budget

    Monday 22 Feb '10More than any other time, this decade promises to make commodities central to global economies.
  • Platinum & palladium attract investor interest, prices soar in global mkts

    Monday 01 Feb '10Platinum and palladium prices have hit 18-month highs leading to increased investor interest even as speculators quickly spotted these new precious metals to trade in and provide...
  • Column : Transparent futures

    Friday 15 May '09There is an ongoing debate in financial circles about the relative efficacy of futures and forwards. While both are derivative instruments,
  • Column : Brakes on the cycle

    Saturday 06 Dec '08The last decade has seen an incessant rise in commodity prices. Most commodities touched all-time highs leading to predictions about a continued bull-run for the next decade or more.
  • Column Spare the future

    Saturday 26 Jul '08The futures markets, as we know them now, were restarted in India less than five years ago as a much-needed price discovery mechanism, especially for agricultural commodities.
  • Base metals: avenues to diversify

    Sunday 25 Nov '07The recent but consistent growth in world GDP has seen higher consumption of ferrous and non-ferrous base metals, leading to an increase in investment focus in these commodities.