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  • Column: Rajan vs RBI

    Tuesday 22 Oct '13Success of IRFs will depend on the Rajan factor. But the old RBI mindset that mistrusts markets may come in the way
  • Forming new bonds

    Wednesday 16 Oct '13India must lift restrictions on foreign investment in rupee denominated debt
  • Column: Reverse liquidity tightening

    Thursday 19 Sep '13Lower pressure on EM currencies offers a window to correct mistakes made in the last two months
  • Column: The road ahead for Rajan

    Thursday 05 Sep '13For the new Governor, the trade-offs are difficult. Ultimately, the only instrument with RBI is interest rates
  • Column: India Inc hedges its bets

    Friday 16 Aug '13Despite the common impression, data suggests most of India Inc has in fact hedged its currency exposure
  • The taming of the rupee...

    Friday 12 Jul '13...won’t be possible as Indian authorities can’t regulate R trades in London, Dubai & Singapore
  • Column: How to cap the CAD

    Friday 28 Jun '13Rather than depending on external developments, India should push fuel reforms and ease capital controls
  • Column: Don’t try to control the rupee

    Friday 21 Jun '13Push through the long-promised reform measures on financial markets
  • Column: Stick to the line of control

    Monday 27 May '13Indian capital controls are amongst the most complex in the world.
  • Column:How do you prevent rupee trades?

    Friday 10 May '13In a recent circular, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) prohibited Indian entities owning foreign entities that facilitate trading in offshore rupee derivatives.
  • Column: Growth pick-up still a mirage

    Tuesday 30 Apr '13The Prime Minister’s Economic Advisory Council report suggests that higher GDP growth next year is achievable if government policies and administrative actions support investment.
  • Column:Turf war in the offing

    Tuesday 26 Mar '13Two of the most important committees on financial sector reform in India in recent years—the Raghuram Rajan Committee and the Percy Mistry Committee—have recommended a change in the regulatory architecture.
  • Column : Reform, then remove STT

    Monday 28 Jan '13Realistic discussions about whether the Union Budget should propose to remove the securities transaction tax or introduce a commodities transaction tax need to be more balanced than simply saying a complete no or yes to either.
  • Column : Why reforms aren’t lifting growth

    Friday 28 Dec '12Recent initiatives by the government—the postponement of GAAR, FDI in multi-brand retail, and the proposal to set up a Cabinet Committee on Investment, earlier called the National Investment Board, have not started showing up in pushing growth up as yet.
  • Column : Watch out for capital flows via trade

    Thursday 20 Dec '12After India achieved high growth & cut customs duties, motivation for misinvoicing should have subsided. That’s not visible.
  • Column : Policy easing won’t lift investment

    Wednesday 24 Oct '12RBI’s monetary policy easing at this stage will convey that a higher inflation rate is acceptable.
  • Column : Towards better financial regulation

    Tuesday 02 Oct '12The current financial regulatory system is inadequate to deal with India’s increasingly complex financial needs.
  • In the mood for reform

    Monday 17 Sep '12Now the government must outline path of fiscal correction, put investment back on track
  • Sovereign warning

    Friday 07 Sep '12Why India can ill afford a ratings downgrade