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  • Tech firms lead innovation but others are in hot pursuit

    Wednesday 27 Nov '13In the run-up to Express IT Awards, a view on the relative innovativeness of India's Tech & non-tech players.
  • Demystifying big data

    Monday 01 Apr '13The buzzword of our times is big data. With all of us being inundated with data and information, some usable but mostly trivial, the imperative to make sense of what we receive has become the difference between productive and efficient individuals and organisations and the mediocre ones.
  • The importance of knowledge management

    Monday 18 Mar '13The Knowledge Summit of the CII is always a great place for the rivers of knowledge, from CEOs, academicians, consultants and visionaries to flow into a body of practitioner wisdom that assembles at the confluence!
  • A fillip for entrepreneurship

    Monday 04 Mar '13After all the hype and hoopla that preceded the Budget 2013 and the weak stock market response to the final presentation made by our valiant finance minister, one can only say that one more budget comes and goes, bringing its share of raised expectations, some satisfaction and some disillusionment in its wake.
  • IT industry is at crossroads

    Monday 18 Feb '13An oft repeated refrain from other industry players about the IT sector is that the sector has been the blue-eyed boy of the government for many years and now there is no need to do anything for the IT guys—let them fend for themselves!
  • India’s moments of shame—and lessons!

    Monday 07 Jan '13The last few months of 2012 saw a gradual and in some cases precipitous decline in many parameters that truly define a country.
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  • Opportunity beckons for new services to be explored

    Monday 31 Dec '12The year 2012 has been a largely forgettable year for the IT sector.
  • Creating a customer-oriented culture

    Monday 10 Dec '12The explosion of information all around us and the availability of low-cost, high-reliability tools to store process and transmit large volumes of data within and beyond the enterprise are having their impact not just on the role of information technology but also on the ability to address specific customer needs, putting the customer at the very centre of all enterprise strategy.
  • There is still money to be made in America

    Monday 26 Nov '12The last few weeks have been depressing for the technology sector in the USA. Disappointing earnings growth and depressing outlook statements provided by most of the tech firms highlight the low investment climate in the US and the dark clouds that continue to hover over the global economies.
  • Gaming is still in its infancy

    Monday 12 Nov '12Inaugurating the recent Game Developer Conference in Pune recently, it was interesting to find 800 enthusiastic youngsters packing the hall and listening to experts talking about the state of the industry as well as the myriad opportunities that await ambitious new game development companies.
  • Nothing negative to worry about

    Thursday 08 Nov '12I do not think there is going to be any negative impact on the outsourcing industry.
  • Learning to love discontinuity

    Monday 22 Oct '12Does anybody remember the great dotcom boom that happened in the last decade of the previous century?
  • Wanted: A million entrepreneurs

    Monday 08 Oct '12The tragedy of Indian entrepreneurship is underlined by the fact that barely 200 technology companies received start-up funding during the whole of last year.
  • Device users want simplicity, ease of access

    Monday 10 Sep '12The most damning indictment of sophisticated technology comes in a recent blog posted by a US tech watcher when she talks about receiving a sophisticated new phone introduced by a marquee Silicon Valley Tech firm a couple of years ago.
  • Three lessons for the industry and the economy

    Monday 27 Aug '12Three interesting events in the last fortnight have thrown up some intriguing viewpoints and a set of challenges and opportunities which we can ignore only at our own peril.
  • The internet of things—hype or opportunity?

    Monday 06 Aug '12The world famous research and advisory firm Gartner has created a phenomenon called the hype cycle which has become the veritable Bible for all technology watchers in the knowledge services industry.
  • Innovating your way out of the slowdown

    Monday 23 Jul '12The first week of the quarterly results season has unfolded on expected lines.
  • Is the Indian BPO story over?

    Monday 09 Jul '12A slew of recent news would make us believe that India’s time is over in BPO and the future belongs to the Philippines, China and Latin America.
  • Surviving through troubled times

    Monday 25 Jun '12In an interesting contra-point provided on the state of the economy, Rajiv Kumar of industry body Ficci had said recently that the issue in India is not political paralysis but political distractions.
  • The manufacturing agenda for IT

    Monday 18 Jun '12Over 30 years ago in an engineering college near the city of Ranchi, a group of us, young aspiring mechanical engineers watched a demonstration of muscle power and skill in the foundry and forging workshop, where a workshop demonstrator pulled a red hot piece of iron from the fire and hammered and shaped it into a perfect ‘job’ by judicious use of a 20 pound hammer.
  • Creating jobs and growing the economy

    Monday 28 May '12In a damning indictment of the state of affairs in Greece last week, Jeremy Warner, one of UK’s leading journalists made some interesting points.
  • IT services towards a new normal

    Monday 14 May '12After a month of mixed quarterly and annual financial results from the IT industry, there are many questions on the lips of every industry watcher and analyst.
  • CII and the art of economic growth

    Monday 30 Apr '12The Confederation of Indian Industry’s annual meeting which starred the who’s who of government and industry had all the makings of a Bollywood potboiler!
  • Tech unemployment is non-existent in the US

    Monday 16 Apr '12It’s quite a dismal mood with which we start the new financial year in India.
  • A case for diversity and inclusion

    Monday 02 Apr '12A week in Johannesburg interacting with the hundreds of young people who constitute Zensar’s Africa operations has been an eye opener to the opportunity that lies in front of the IT sector if we take our Diversity & Inclusion agenda seriously.