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  • Cars and the consumer

    Sunday 20 Jul '14Why are attitudes of car owners in India different from those in the advanced automobile markets?
  • The fast lane: Wife, mother, working woman

    Sunday 06 Jul '14There was a surreality in reading last Thursday’s newspapers.
  • Whisking with whisky

    Saturday 05 Jul '14For foodies who also love their single malts, Table Fare: International Recipes with The Glenlivet is a marriage worth investing in
  • The Vegas effect

    Saturday 05 Jul '14Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the world and there’s no better place than it to escape into pure fantasy
  • The beautiful game theory

    Sunday 22 Jun '14Anand Mahindra tweeted on Thursday morning about his business partner in Chile (Mahindra’s biggest export market for autos) celebrating
  • What makes a great airport?

    Sunday 08 Jun '14Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport has just been selected as the second-best airport in the world for its service quality
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  • Six decades, many avatars later, a workhorse is put out to pasture

    Sunday 01 Jun '14The Ambassador’s Diary: Last week, HM said it was stopping production of the Ambassador. It spells the end of a true motoring legend
  • The privileged motion

    Sunday 25 May '14Indian MPs are pampered beyond belief. It’s time they started earning their self-awarded salaries
  • Doing the dramble

    Sunday 18 May '14How to tell a 12-year-old single malt from a 25-year-old? It’s in the expression
  • Me, myself and Modi

    Sunday 11 May '14Modi often refers to himself in the third person. What does this say about the man who could be India’s next PM?
  • Flip side: Acronyms and acrimony

    Sunday 04 May '14The BJP is asking voters to await 'the new dawn', while the Congress, quite devilishly, calls it 'the new don'.
  • The middle kingdom

    Sunday 27 Apr '14In the strategy sessions of the major players in this election, there’s a new target emerging: the Indian middle class. It’s not quite the elephant in the room
  • Modi’s operandi

    Sunday 13 Apr '14There are some indications of how a Modi-led NDA is likely to govern, but it raises more questions than answers
  • Governance and corruption

    Sunday 30 Mar '14There are two issues that dominate this furious, fractious election: good governance and corruption.
  • The richer list

    Sunday 09 Mar '14The annual Forbes billionaires’ ranking seems counter to the global doom and gloom story
  • Cronies and capitalists

    Sunday 23 Feb '14In election year, crony capitalism is not going away, as Arvind Kejriwal hopes. Its roots are only getting deeper
  • Army said unit was headed for IAF drill, ex-Air Chief says this was due only a month later

    Saturday 22 Feb '14Army Controversy: Browne says IAF ‘had absolutely no role’ and was never consulted ahead of the Jan 15-16 movement of para commandos from Agra.
  • Keeping up appearances

    Sunday 09 Feb '14Hero Motorcorp’s MD and CEO Pawan Munjal pulled off a major coup by getting sporting legend Tiger Woods to make his first visit to India.
  • Rahul Gandhi: Channel surfing

    Monday 03 Feb '14Rahul Gandhi has decided that the best way to beat the system is to appear on Prime Time.
  • The fast lane

    Sunday 26 Jan '14Festival of the mind
  • The cold shoulder

    Sunday 12 Jan '14As the Big Chill sets in across Europe and America, it seems symbolic of the state of the global economy
  • The People of the Year

    Sunday 29 Dec '13PM Manmohan Singh's only lasting legacy in 2013 was to add to the collection of sardarji jokes.
  • The art of the deal

    Sunday 22 Dec '13Christie’s landmark auction in Mumbai highlights corporate India’s growing passion for all things art
  • The singular malts

    Sunday 15 Dec '13India lovingly embraces single malts, while Scottish distillers ramp up their marketing strategy
  • Flip side: Santa and Banter

    Sunday 08 Dec '13It doesn’t look like broom will be a clean sweep for AAP in Delhi, but the humble broom has become fashionable again.